Me, Myself, and My Blog

Grab your atlas, running shoes, (Spanish to English translator), and a good book! You ready? Let’s go, fam!

A bit (Danny, don’t lie), Alright, a lot about me:

¡Hola! Welcome to my blog! Me llamo Daniel Amador (obviously). I am a 14-year-old 8th grade/high school/college level student living in the 3rd most populous city in the U.S., home to the 2nd largest skyscraper and very first skyscraper in the U.S., world famous museums, etc. You guessed it(I hope): Chicago! 

I’m a short, half-Mexican, Christian, geography geek, whose favorite animals are dogs and moose.

I am also a runner and YouTuber, and am homeschooled (though I do go to a co-op).

Jesus is the most important thing in my life, and he has blessed me with 7 awesome siblings, two amazing parents, and un perro fabuloso!

Another thing you should know about me is that I love to rant, particularly about geography and, um, myself. Not because I’m boastful (though I won’t say I’m not, because that would be… boastful), but just because I love sharing information, and my accomplishments, so people can understand and know me better.

Now to continue…

I love debating (though I’m not good at it), reading, photography, and especially writing, which is why I decided to write this blog.

My relation to writing:

I am a co-author, author(though I’ve never actually finished a book before), poet, song artist, journalist, alpha, and now a blogger!

Most of my relatives are authors, missionaries, pastors, and teachers, and I am proud of my kin.

My parents, siblings and I are all writers, in one way or another. I have been writing my entire life. Mostly it was just comics and one-two books I was working on.

I had always been one of the most advanced kids in my literature class, but the time I started to write a bit more seriously was when I started a newspaper for my co-op. The first issue was “published” April 12, 2019. The last issue was published March 13, 2020, several days before quarantine. I started writing a bit more seriously on April 16, a month after quarantine started, give or take a few days, when I focused my writing more on books, but still writing for our co-op’s digital newspaper.

On May 27th, I joined an online website called Young Writers’ Workshop, which is when I really took writing to a whole new level in my life.

I don’t exactly know how to describe YWW, since I am terrible at anything technology-related.

It’s basically this online Christian website that helps teens and young adults grow in writing, through an online community where you can interact and talk with other writers worldwide and videos where the instructors and creators of YWW teach and talk about writing.

It really did help me grow in my writing SO much, but, sadly, I left it in late-September for reasons that have to do with cash and school. I recommend it for anyone who is serious about writing!
Now, enough about me, because I have been ranting about myself for a while (hehe, sorry). Now for…

What I am going to do on this blog:

  1. I will write short, Christ-related stories. They may be modern-time versions of Bible stories, Bible stories in different perspectives, or fiction short stories that point to Jesus.
  2. Advice on writing and such that just comes to my mind, and seems interesting.
  3. I will answer your questions to the best of my ability! You can ask questions through the Contact page, or in the comments, so, if you have any questions on writing (or anything else I mentioned I understood, Ex: running, geography) and such, please ask me! I will typically answer 1-3 questions in one post.
  4. A fourth thing that I may or may not have are interviews! I will typically interview writing friends on writing and such, but I may interview others every once in a while.
  5. I will possibly do book (and maybe movie) reviews.
  6. Finally, I may possibly put in a random post occasionally.

I will typically post a, um, post once a week, or once every two weeks, so keep your eyes out for new articles!

Thanks so much for reading this, and I hope this blog will be a blessing to you and others!

With God’s help,

Daniel L. Amador


19 thoughts on “Me, Myself, and My Blog”

    1. Montgomery! Hey! Yeah, I found yours because a Ydubber followed mine, and someone liked theirs, and you liked something on the third person’s, and that’s how I found yours. XD Um, it’s been… a lot. Lots of homework… I’ve been writing faster and better since then as well… so, yeah. How about you??

      Liked by 1 person

  1. (I’ve missed my nickname!!) Wow. That is a LOT of hassle, but thanks for doing it! I think you liked one of my posts, so that’s how I found you? But you did the most work! *claps* And I’m glad to finally be able to follow your blog!
    Awesome! So it’s been a good decision to leave Y-Dubs? How are your stories coming along?
    I’m pretty good! Things have been busy with school + work + writing, but, ya’know, there’s not much I can do about that lol. It’s fun, though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. (It’s a cool nickname! XD) It wasn’t that hard. XD Yeah, I liked one of yer posts. Likewise with me and your blog!
      Um, well, I’m not distracted by all the Ydubs activity, so, yeah. My stories are going pretty well! Though I’ve had to stay up later to work on them because homework takes up most of my day.
      *nod* Is your job similar to Riley’s? You are 16, correcto?


      1. Yeah, I like it! Although it’s not one of my more popular ones. 😉
        That makes so much sense. Often I find myself engaging in POINTLESS Y-Dub conversations and remember that I’m paying so I’ll get better at writing. XP
        Great! Yeah, that’s super relatable. For now, I have to set aside only one day of the week that I can actually write. It’s painful, but until I have less hours at work that’s all I can do.
        Yep! Riley’s story was inspired by… sort of similar experiences? Something similar happened to me at work.
        Sí, tengo dieciseis años!

        Liked by 1 person

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