Vote! Snippet Series, or No Snippet Series?

Grab your atlas, running shoes, (Spanish to English translator,) and a good book! You ready? Let’s go, fam!

[This is not one of the weekly posts. Another one will be published at the end of this coming week, as usual]

Hey everyone! Yesterday, I was inspired with the idea of creating a snippet series for my blog of my main book that I’m working on. Basically, I would post a chapter of the book once every one or two weeks.

The book is called, “Beyond the Wolf”. Here is the temporary cover:

Here is the rough draft blurb:

Blaze. The name of the cruel wolf, Alpha of the Inferno Pack, brings fear into the hearts of many. He kills, steals, persecutes, and murders, all for one goal: to be the Alpha of  The Lands.

Two normal-sized packs of around fifty wolves and one small pack of just two in particular have endured much of the cruelty of the wolves of Blaze, and they have had enough.

By works of the Great Beast, Creator of all the Lands, the three packs happen to meet up while fleeing persecution. They band together, and send out a small group of  sixteen skilled wolves to gather allies to defeat at least a branch of the Inferno pack.

These young, brave wolves know that the journey will be long and hard, but they are prepared and ready to face whatever challenges will come their way, for the sake of their family, friends, and the honor and glory of the Great Beast.

But before I start posting anything from it, I want to hear from my readers! What do all of you think of it? I am attaching a poll that all of you can vote through! Once I get to at least ten votes, I’ll “close” the poll, and make my choice based on the results!

With God’s Help,

Daniel L. Amador


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