Interview with E. C. Colton; Author

Grab your atlas, running shoes, (Spanish to English translator,) and a good book! You ready? Let’s go, fam!

Intro: This is my first ever interview on my first ever blog! I have the honor of interviewing a published author referred to by many as E. C. Colton! *is deafened by the applause* Miss Colton just turned 14 several days ago, so, happy birthday to her, and she lives in the west coast of the third most populous country in the world (guess, my friends).

Some of her hobbies include playing with her cats, writing (in the wise word of Major Monogram, “Carl, have you ever heard of the term, ‘uh, duh’?”), graphic design, and archery, to name a few. I met her on the YWW (if you don’t know what that is, look at my first blog post). Without further ado… the interview!!

Question (Q): Like I had said earlier, Colton is a published author. She published her book, A Change of Heart, on March 26 of 2020. Miss Colton, could you please give an explanation and blurb of your book?

Answer (A): Of course! I started writing A Change of Heart back in 2016, when I was still–well, not quite a newbie writer, but of course, I was only nine. A Change of Heart blossomed from a scene I wrote for fun of a girl watching her home burn down. Questions started to rise in my mind (and probably in my character’s as well) soon after writing that scene. How would she survive? What does the process of rising from the ashes (quite literally) look like? What will she discover about herself and her past? 

In some ways, writing A Change of Heart was my way of processing and answering these questions through a character very similar to myself. Amanda and Edward and Ajames Village stepped into the story. . . and A Change of Heart began. Around the beginning of March 2020, I rewrote A Change of Heart and published it as a second edition.

Here’s the official blurb for A Change of Heart:

A girl’s life is thrown into confusion when her home burns down – leaving her with nothing but a silver necklace. After the loss of her home, Odele Bryne finds herself all alone in the world – until she is taken into the community of Ajames Village. Caught up in a growing danger that threatens the village, Odele begins to wonder what will happen to her now. Will an exciting discovery change her perspective? Is she really all alone in the world? And when a chance comes to make a difference, will Odele have a change of heart? Only one thing is certain – her life will never be the same. Told in the early days of the Great Depression, this is a story about one girl’s personal journey of hope.

Q: To be able to publish a book, one has to actually pursue writing more seriously, and less as a hobby. How long ago did you start writing more seriously?

A: I “published” my first book at age seven (fueled by my mom’s encouragement), but even then, writing was just a hobby for me. It wasn’t until eight or nine that I started to see writing as something more than just cranking out stories and printing them (I was actually “publishing” them at the time, though I didn’t really know it!). 

Q: You said you “published” several other stories. What do you mean by that? Also, did you independently or traditionally publish A Change of Heart, or did you publish it by other means?

A: I published A Change of Heart independently. 

In my opinion, marketing is an extremely vital part of independent publishing–in fact, it’s half the work! The reason I technically don’t count my past three stories (hence the “published”) is because I didn’t market. I didn’t even sell copies to anyone outside of my family, anyway (at least not that I know of)! To me, publishing was little more than a way of printing my books and giving the physical copies to family members. 

Q: What is your favorite part of writing?

A: Everything…? Honestly, I’ve been writing for so long, I can’t imagine living without it. I love the process of writing–from sitting down with a story idea to working my way through each character’s personal journeys. I love creating fictional friends. I love the fact that God can use my writing and this process I enjoy as an opportunity to impact readers and to do hard things for Him.

Q: What are some writing apps or websites (assuming you’ve used one) would you recommend (ex: the YWW; the Most Dangerous Writing App)?

A: The Young Writer’s Workshop has been vital for my growth as a writer. Just because I’m published doesn’t mean I’m not constantly learning! Plus, the community is an amazing place to meet other writers and support them–which is seriously what I’m all about.

The Most Dangerous Writing App has not only boosted my productivity, but it’s also helped me kick perfectionism out of the window when writing my first drafts.

Q: Are there any other such things you would recommend?

A: K. M. Weiland’s blog and books are amazing, free resources for any aspiring writer. She really knows the aspects of what makes a good story. 

As for building launch teams, writing prompts, and everything in between, I’d recommend Self Publishing School. Their founder, Chandler Bolt’s book Published. helped me learn the basics of marketing and independent publishing.

Q: Do you have any words you would like to end with.

A:  All throughout my writing journey, even being published at a young age, God has been there every step of the way. When I look back on my past experiences and everything I’ve done with my life, I don’t know how it would’ve been possible without Him. I didn’t even like writing back when I started. I didn’t even want to be published. I believe God placed those goals on my heart for a reason.

So, in conclusion, if you’re an aspiring writer too, know that God can use your writing and experiences for something bigger than yourself. Dare to step out of your comfort zone, to start that project, to press on in writing, even when it’s hard. You have the Master Author right behind you. Now go write amazing stories for His glory.

Outro: Well, that’s all the time we’ve got for today (or is that just for interviews that have word and/or time limits..?).

Thank you, Miss Colton, for allowing me to interview you!

With God’s Help,

Daniel L. Amador

Important Side Note: Don’t forget my blog post/poll about whether I should have a snippet series for my book or not! So far it only has four votes (besides mine. XP). thank you!


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