Burn, 2020, Burn

Grab your atlas, running shoes, (Spanish to English translator,) and a good book! You ready? Let’s go, fam!

I apologize that this is technically 5 days late! I’ll be publishing another post today too.


Last Wednesday, on the eve of New Year’s Eve, some of my family, some of my family’s friends, and I burned 2020.

Yes, we set fire to a large 2020 sign from the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020.

My dad and I went to our church and picked up the sign. I got to say that I fit 366 days in our minivan. 🙂

I got to say that I fit 366 days in our minivan. 🙂

It was awesome, you know, to see the symbol of the year 2020 -one of the hardest years of so many lives, including mine- just burn by fire. To just let all that pain blow away in ashes and sparks. Goodbye, 2020, year of pain and sadness. I pray that the years to come will be so much better than this past year.

Anyway, the time was awesome.

Like I said, my dad and I went and picked up the 2020 sign from our church and took it to our backyard. There, we set up a fire place of sorts and stood the sign balancing on a metal stand which stood above the fire. Then our friends came and we waited for the sign to burn up while we took pictures and just hung out (don’t worry, we were COVID-careful!).

Left to right: Me (Daniel), my dad (behind the sign), my younger brother Jonathan, and my older sister Ren.

Eventually, the sign began to burn and take to flame. Some of the fire actually turned to colors like green, purple, and blue! There was a beauty in burning the faults of the past and passed year….

Our mom also brought out her guitar and began playing while we all sang songs around the fire.

A joyous, celebratory time; celebrating the end of this hard, old year, and the beginning of a new one.

During all of this, some of our guests tried our homemade (made by younger bro and dad) zipline for the first time and loved it!

At one point, I had mentioned that it would be awesome if the sign just broke in half over the stand, and a bit later, it did. We all jumped and then cheered. 2020 had been broken.

We all jumped and then cheered. 2020 had been broken.

The fire continued to pop and crackle, slowing breaking down and destroying the symbol of 2020, as every minute came closer to the end of that year.

Finally, all that was left were the embers. The year was gone, but the embers, metal, and burn marks on the ground were still there, like scars of 2020. Memories. Things that won’t really go away. Beside the fire, there were two pieces of cinder block as well. The fire was so powerful that it broke those to pieces in half. 2020 has made a huge mark on all of us. But now there is space for a new sign.

Finally, all that was left were the embers.

Let us hope that this new sign, 2021, will be blessed and touched by God for us.

Me putting paper into fire.

But, whatever happens, stay strong and stay true! Stay focused on God, the only One who can really save us! He will guide us!

Also, stay safe and away from the Coronavirus!

With God’s Help, 

Daniel L. Amador


7 thoughts on “Burn, 2020, Burn”

  1. I did like this post, but I think it’s kind of unfair that the only thing you remembered from 2020 was the pain and heartbreak. Didn’t some good things come out of it, too? There’s good in 2020, if you care to look for it.


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