Crazy Writing Week Has Begun

Grab your atlas, running shoes, (Spanish to English translator,) and a good book! You ready? Let’s go, fam!

Crazy Writing Week, CWW, or Cdubs, has begun again! It was opened up on the 4th of January, but the actual competition between Fire and Water (or Air for the non-competitors) began today!

This is my third time doing it, and I’m with Team Water. I am confident that we will win! Despite me being on only losing teams my first two times… hehe.

For those who don’t know, CWW is an online week-long program of sorts geared towards young writers, generally in their teen years, to encourage them to write. Like. Crazy!

Whichever team gets the most minutes and words in at the end of the week, wins several prizes!

I strongly recommend to all you writers that haven’t joined already, joining.

The link for joining is here.

Despite this being my first week of school again, I am ready to write my hands off!! My words will swirl on the paper like a hurricane!

Some of my writing projects for CWW include…

  1. Future blog posts! Yes, I do have to constantly write for you guys all the time (*whispers* you’re welcome!).
  2. Beyond the Wolf. I’m sure you all by now know what it is. I have mentioned it multiple times.
  3. Homework. Yes, sadly, yesterday was my first day of school back from break. One my age can never forget homework….
  4. Umm… other stuff. Writing odds and ends. Other smaller works in progress…poems… ya know, those kinds of things.

Now here are things you should note before and while you join Ydubs!

  1. Beware the spaaaaam!!! Spam has a way of always finding you on CWW. So, you have been warned! Prepare yourself! Spam is one of the main reasons I actually left YWW.
  2. If you are in school while you participate in CWW, make a solid and dependable schedule! You might get distracted by things there.
  3. If you for some reason have little to no school, don’t keep your face glued to the screen! Take breaks! Believe it or not, breaks from writing a lot do help you write a lot later! Read a book. Hang out with your family. Go outside. Play with legos. Listen to an audiobook while you are playing legos outside with family!!
  4. If you want to win… take some time to outline your story or whatever! Trust me, it helps.
  5. If you don’t like competing, it’s fine! You can be part of the neutral Air team!

I do suggest joining it! It is super fun, and very helpful!

“Water gives life when fire only kills.

Don’t give up, Never cease,

Be the great droplets you were meant to be” -Emma “Limu Emu” Walker, Team Water Cdubber (member of Cdubs); part of “Let it Go” parody “Let it Flow”.

“Alone, we’re just droplets—but together, we are an ocean.” -Erin Bronn, Team Water Cdubber; Bronn’s motto for a game for her youth group.

“When fire dies, it only dies; water is involved in a neverending system. Let’s flow!!” -Rhiannon McGuire; Team Water Cdubber.


*jumps in river of writing*

With God’s Help, 

Daniel L. Amador


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