Top 20 Favorite Christian Songs

Grab your atlas, running shoes, (Spanish to English translator,) and a good book! You ready? Let’s go, fam!

Hello all!

I thought it would be fun to share with y’all my top twenty favorite and very motivational Christian songs! Some of them have really helped me, while others are just enjoyable to listen to.

Let’s start with my…

Top Five (not in order)

  1. Not Today, Satan, by KB, featuring Andy Mineo. Man, that rap is powerful! As the name of it says, it is the “’no’ to the devil” type of song. Not to mention it’s as catchy as… as… as something super catchy! *comes on on Spotify as he writes this* Oh man, here it comes… “Ha! Not today Satan!”
  2. Light Shine Bright, by TobyMac, featuring Hollyn. This comes right after Not Today, Satan on the catchy-scale. This song is about keeping your spiritual light (your belief in Jesus) bright at all times. Any song by TobyMac featuring Hollyn has to be awesome.
  3. Alone, by Hollyn, featuring Tru. Any song by Hollyn featuring a rapper has to be good. It just isn’t a song by Hollyn featuring a rapper any other way. This is about asking God to not leave us alone. And, of course, he never will. Even if you’re hiding under a wood row boat buried under three feet of ash in a burned prairie in northern France during a World War. And, if you’re ever in that situation, I know you might feel alone, but you’re not.
  4. Steady Me, by Hollyn, featuring Aaron Cole. It’s a slowish, calmness-evoking song asking God to steady us during hard times. And, folks, we really need God to steady us. We’re jumping into darn 2021, what’d you expect??
  5. Wannabe, by Royal Tailor, not featuring anybody (surprising for one of my top fav songs, isn’t it?). Royal Tailor was an awesome band with awesome music, and I’m sad that they broke up, but at least their music is still available, ‘cause it. Is. Increíble! Their music is so, so, good. This song is about not listening to what society is saying about having more, more, more, but staying to what’s True.

Now for the other…

Next Top 15 (not entirely/necessarily in order)

  1.  Breathe, by Jonny Diaz. This one hits hard. Imagine your rushing across a street and a truck with the words “Breathe, by Jonny Diaz” crashes into you. This song is telling one to stop and breathe in the middle of all the stress and chaos.
  2. Backseat Driver, by TobyMac, featuring Hollyn and Tru. This song is a very good and catchy song. It’s asking Jesus to take the wheel. Listen to it, friends!
  3.   Favorite Song, by TobyMac featuring Jamie Grace. This one’s a classic, well, for me. “Like a lyric to my favorite song You stick with me all day long And when I’ve reached the end I wanna hear it again” are four lines from it. God’s words should be like lyrics to our favorite songs, always sticking with us.
  4. No Shame, by Tenth Avenue North featuring The Young Escape. Man, this song. So true. People, we live in a society of stereotypes and social lies. “Are you hanging out with them?? Their geeks!” “If you wear that you’ll be a loser.” “Ugh, are you a Christian??” Peer pressure is so powerful. But when you truly live with Christ, you have the ability to live with no shame. A line from the song: “I can look like a fool and enjoy it. I can cry like a man and own it.” We have an identity as Christians; believers. Don’t let society run you over.
  5. Best Friends, by Hillsong Young & Free. This song is likewise about the pressures of society. It’s an amazing song. Here is an excerpt from it: “I don’t wanna be on my phone but I can’t be alone. Welcome to the modern age. I’m trying to be somebody I’m not but it’s not what I want. Tell me there’s another way.” These words are so sadly accurate! Life is hard right now, guys. Society is at an advantage here with this pandemic. Keeping us on our devices, then feeding us lies. But we can do better. We have the Creator on our side. Keep that in mind, when battling society.
  6. The Devil is a Liar, by Colton Dixon. Another one about society’s lies, because, you guys, society lies. The devil lies. “I get caught up in trying to be something I’m not to please everyone else.” A sad line, though so true. But, remember, “The devil is a liar. Says he can get you everything that you desire. Everything you want, but you’ll be playing with the fire, so don’t believe the lie, it comes at a price.” Don’t. Believe. The. Lie!
  7.  Tell the World, by Lecrae, featuring Mali Music. I love this song! So motivating! “Tell the world, tell her, yeah I’m a billboard. Tell the world, tell the world, cast it like the radio. Tell the world, you wanna know, I’m brand new!” Tell the world, all you followers. Tell her.
  8. My Lighthouse, by Rend Collective. A true, personal classic! It’s not that fast pace, but it’s good! So strong. God is our Lighthouse. His great love will lead us through. Turn to him, and he will lead you!
  9. Good Morning, by Mandisa, featuring TobyMac. Whoo hoo, this song is amazing! If I’m in a good mood, it makes me want to just move around (with no shame!)! Seriously, listening to this song when you wake up can do wonders. Oh man, it just sends shivers down my spine! I love it. Even when I’m in a bad mood, this song is so good!
  10. Be Kind To Yourself, by Andrew Petterson. Wow. This… it’s slow, but so powerful. It gets me thinking every time. Petterson wrote it for his daughter when she was in her early teens, and had a very low self esteem. “Be kind to yourself,” it sings. Low self esteem is so powerful, especially these days, and, gotta be honest, I’m definitely guilty of it. This song is a huge encouragement, though.
  11. Speak Life, by TobyMac. Speak life, my friends. Don’t push people down with discouragement, bring them up with truth. Speak life, brothers and sisters.
  12. Love With Your Life, by Hollyn. Of course it’s an awesome song! Who do you think wrote it?? Love with your life. Love like God wants us to love. Agape; love for everyone. This song is no lie; this song is amazing, and so true. God wants us to show true, Christian love with everyone, and I mean everyone. Even your enemies. Love with your life.
  13. Gotta Live, by Tedashii, featuring Jordan Feliz. This song sends shivers through my body! Oh yeah, I love it. This song is incredibly catchy. You just gotta live. You can make it through, peeps, if you stay close to the Truth!
  14. Born Again, by Austin French. You can be born again in Christ. God gives you love, mercy, compassion, grace, kindness, friendship, and the list goes on! There’s nothing that can describe how much God loves you! So turn to Him; be born again.
  15. The River, by Jordan Feliz. He really is an awesome artist. Go down to the river; get washed in the water with His amazing grace! Ride the current of the Holy river; ride beside our Daddy, Jesus!

Wait-wait-wait, we’re done already?? Nooo!!! Too soon! Guys, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed writing this for you all. So fun, so full of joy. I just gotta recommend one more thing: the rest of the album Black and White by Royal Tailor! These have some of my favorite songs ever!! Oh, and Love by We are Messengers, and Church Clap by KB, featuring Lecrae!

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading!!

With God’s help,

Daniel L. Amador


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  1. I love reading your writing, Danny! Really curious about those songs. Hope to look them up.

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    > Daniel L. Amador posted: ” Grab your atlas, running shoes, (Spanish to > English translator,) and a good book! You ready? Let’s go, fam! Hello all! > I thought it would be fun to share with y’all my top twenty favorite and > very motivational Christian songs! Some of them have rea” >

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