Heaven… a Story and a Short Message

Grab your atlas, running shoes, (Spanish to English translator,) and a good book! You ready? Let’s go, fam!

[NOTE (from 2022): I wrote this post a while ago when I was less knowledgeable in Biblical matters and less skilled in writing, so there are factors that to be addressed. Short story: There are some aspects of my short story I really like, some of the writing, descriptions, etc. I do realize his ‘goodbyes’ were unrealstic and cheesy. Also, when I described Heaven, I was simply painting a very, very vivid picture of the granduer of Heaven. Heaven probably doesn’t have literal streets of gold, but it’s too glorious concieve. Short message: Some of the things I said are not Biblically supported. Though the beliefs of the passage in Mathew 22 (v. 30) vary with denominations, it’s still notable. There probably won’t be tech, cars, pizza, or the like in Heaven, I was simply trying to communicate that the New Earth will be SO MUCH MORE amazing than this present Earth. In conclusion, that’s all I have to say. 🙂 ]

I thought it was about time that I post a short story here! This short story is about Heaven. I wrote it some time during the summer, so it isn’t one of my best works, but I still like it.

Content Warning: Talk of death; cancer.

My short story is called…

Ready to Go

Isaac Redwood lay on his bed in his hospital room, watching TV.

He was suffering from a form of Cancer and didn’t have much time left. The doctors had done all they could, but it was too late.

The show he was watching ended, and an ad came on. “Want to be Cancer free? Then jus-” Isaac sighed, turned off the TV, and flopped his head on his pillow.

“Why me, God?” he thought. “I turned 13 just 5 days ago! I’m still so young, and now I’m dying?! And what about my parents? And my little sister and brother? What will happen to them? Why me, God? Why me?!”

He clenched his fist and slammed it down on his bed. A bolt of pain shot through his weak body.

“Ow!” he whimpered. A nurse heard him and poked her head through the door. “You shouldn’t strain yourself, Isaac. What you need is rest!” she said, then left.

All the nurses and doctors had been very friendly and kind to him, but he was still so sad and angry. He closed his eyes. “God, please tell me, show me, why? Please!” begged Isaac. He opened his eyes and just lay there, looking at the ceiling and listening to the constant beeping of the monitor near him.

Trust me, Isaac, he heard someone say. Isaac looked to his left, but no one was there.

Then he looked to his right, but no one was there either.

Trust me! He heard the voice say again. 

“Jesus?” he asked. 

Trust me, Isaac. The voice echoed for the third time.

He began to feel drowsy, and his eyelids started to slowly close. The slow beeping increased speed, and beeped more rapidly. Lights started flashing.

A nurse rushed in, and his eyes closed for a short time.

They slightly opened a few moments later, and he saw the doctor frantically typing on a computer, while the nurse was pacing, talking on a phone. His eyes slowly closed again.

 His eyes slightly opened again, and he saw the doctor sitting alone on a chair, facing the computer, with his head in his hands. Isaac’s eyes finally closed shut.…                                                  


Isaac’s eyes suddenly opened wide. He was lying in a seemingly never-to-end field. He got up, and in front of him was a gigantic, golden wall with massive golden gates, that had intricate carvings of angels and horses, and trees and flowers.

Two men with wings and armor, who seemed to glow, opened the gates for him. “Angels!” he thought. He walked past them and into the boundaries of the walls. 

Within the walls was a magnificent city made of gold, jewels, and beautiful, natural greenery. 

Along with radiant skyscrapers and buildings, there were gorgeous gardens and rivers, and all the streets were paved with gold.

In the center of the city was an enormous, noble castle, wider and taller than anything else in the city. Isaac walked towards it.

Children ran and played joyously while adults walked and talked merrily.

When he got there, two of the other kinds of men Isaac thought as angels opened the doors for him.

Inside was a Grand Hall with many elegant chandeliers and windows, keeping the place well-lit.

There were many kingly tables, and there was a proud fireplace in the back.

Around the tables sat many people, doing many things such as games, talking, and eating.

Those who saw him smiled and nodded.

He looked around the room and saw someone he recognized: his best friend, who had died around a year earlier.

His friend saw him, smiled, and winked.

A tear slid down Isaac’s cheek. ”He believed!” Isaac thought.

He continued his gaze upon the room, and he recognized two more people: his grandparents, who had led Isaac to the Lord, and had died five years ago due to old age. His other grandparents had died before he was born.

They smiled at him warmly, and more tears slid down his cheeks.

A man walked up behind Isaac and put a hand on his shoulder. Isaac looked up at the man.

He was very tall, dressed in white, glistening armor. He had a white mustache and beard, and his majestic, white hair reached a bit past his shoulders.

His eyes were bright blue, unlike any other, and they shone and sparkled.

Wrinkles and creases under his eyes showed age and wisdom, greater than any other. His smile was loving yet playful.

Upon his breastplate was a symbol: there was a cross, and where the four branches of the cross met, there was a large open book -the bible- at the end of each of the top three branches of the cross there was a circle, and there were lines connecting the three circles to each other, forming a sort of triangle; the three circles represented the Trinity. 

At the man’s side was a large, beautiful sword, grander than any sword Isaac had ever seen in the movies and such. The hilt was gold, with a large, colorful gem on each branch. The blade itself was a majestic silver, that would shimmer brightly in the sun.

“When you join me here, there will be no more tears,” said the man in a rich, yet gentle voice.

“Really?” asked Isaac, wiping the tears out of his eyes.

“Yes. Now, follow me,” said the man. He led Isaac to a garden where they walked together in peace.

They walked and talked together for several hours.

Isaac asked the man many questions, and the man answered all of them, though some more cryptically than others.

They eventually came to a part of the garden very near to the gate in the wall, and Isaac asked, “Why do I have to die?”

The man put both of his hands firmly on Isaac’s shoulders, and looked him straight in the eyes.

“This, I cannot tell you. You will just have to trust me. Trust me, Isaac. Now you will return home for a short time. And when you are ready to come back, say so. You will know when the time is right. And, trust me, Isaac, trust me…”

Isaac felt himself being pulled back out of the city and into the field. He could not see in detail now, only in blurs.

He was laid down in the field, and he whispered, “I trust you, Jesus.” His eyes closed shut.…


He started to gain consciousness, and his eyes slowly opened.

He heard a few people gasp, and someone said, “He’s awake!”

Isaac turned his head, and saw his family: his mom, his dad, his 7-year-old brother, David, and his 3-year-old sister, Stephanie.

They all ran to his bedside and showered him with numerous hugs and kisses. They eventually stopped, and the doctor started talking.

Isaac turned his head to the other side so he could see him talk.

“Isaac, you were unconscious for about 2 hours and a half, and you were dead for 15 minutes of those 2 hours and a half.”

What?!” gasped Isaac.

“It’s true, God must have sent you back, for however short a time!” exclaimed his dad.

“Yes, but here comes the very bad news. You should all sit down and brace yourselves.” The doctor sighed, took a deep breath, and continued. 

“Mr. and Mrs. Redwood, Isaac, David, Stephanie, we recently found out that Isaac only has 15 minutes to an hour left to live.”

A tear ran down Isaac’s cheek.

His Mom started sobbing, and his dad was in shock: a pale face, dropped jaw, and wide eyes, while tears poured down his face.

“Wait, but he just came back, what’s going on?!” asked David, desperately.

Mr. Redwood shakily put a hand on David’s shoulder.

“I guess Jesus just brought him back for a little bit to say goodbye…” he said.

“Goodbye? Whewe Isaac going? Momma, why you cwying?” asked Stephanie.

“He’s, he’s going to be with Grandma and Grandpa and Jesus…” said his mom, between tears.

They all cried for several minutes, but inevitably stopped.

Isaac shakily started talking.

“Mom, Dad, you have been great parents throughout my entire life, you have always been loving and caring to me and my siblings, through good times and bad.

“No matter what happened, you both always tried to remain calm and patient.

“I pray that, even when I am gone, you will continue to be great parents, no matter how hard it may be.

“I love you both.”

“We love you too, son,” said his dad. 

“We truly love you,” said his mom. They both kissed him, and he kissed them.

Then Isaac turned to David.

“David, you’ve been a fun, enjoyable little brother to me, and a caring older brother to Stephie.

“I pray you’ll continue to be the good son and older brother Mom, Dad, and Stephanie need.

“I love you, David.”

“I love you too, Isaac,” David choked out.

They hugged each other.

Lastly, Isaac turned to Stephanie.

“Stephie, you’ve always been a fun, silly lil’ sis’! I pray you will be the joyful, happy little girl every family needs, And, when I’m gone, pl-please d-don’t forget me, okay?” Tears filled Isaac’s eyes.

“Okay. An’ don’t wowy, I won’t foget you! Say “hi” to gwama an’ gwampa an’ Jesus fo me!” she said.

They hugged, and he kissed her on the head.

He looked at his family one last time, and strangely, he felt no pain: physically or emotionally.

“This is it,” he thought.

Isaac looked up, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath.

“Jesus, I’m ready to go.”

The End

And now, as I promised by the title, the short message.

Some people are afraid of Heaven because they think it might take away everything earthly that they love, such as pizza, technology, or maybe a special relationship, and they think everything will be all grand and happy and only nature… but what if Heaven still has the things they love?

I had an image go through my mind one night that was possibly given to me of what Heaven could be like, even if it might not be; even if the image is just to bring comfort and security.

Two encouraging and accurate points of what Heaven could be like are… 1) What if? And 2) Why not?

What if… Heaven still had things like technology, marriage, writing, publishing, or boats?

And why not? Those things, if used/done correctly and justly, can bring a lot of joy and happiness. And everything in Heaven is “correct” and “just”. So, rhetorically, I ask you: why not?

Never did God forbid those things… in fact, He actually encouraged several of them!

The Bible says that it will be a New Earth… and why can’t a new Earth include things ( such as (clean in all aspects) pizza, motor boats, or trains??

I’m not saying that Heaven will for sure have those things. And I doubt everything I’ve said is accurate. I’ve never gone to a theology school or anything, after all. All these things I believe are from God, and my mind. Technically, all I’m trying to say is that Heaven will be a place of amazing joy, peace, happiness, and love.

Beyond human imagination… beyond the human. Or, as part of the meaning of my book indicates (I will probably have a post about the meaning of my book title sometime), beyond the wolf.

Heaven is a place beyond great… Heaven is God’s eternal home and He invites it to be ours, as well.

With God’s Help, 

Daniel L. Amador


8 thoughts on “Heaven… a Story and a Short Message”

  1. Danny
    I loved your story. And the message! In fact the Bible talks about playing, working and eating in God’s renewed world.
    I also liked the story because i have a brother named David and a brother named Issac.
    It also reminded me of the time when I had cáncer. Oh, so many questions filled the lonely hours. But one day I read the story of Jesús and his disciples in John 16:16-24. They had lots of questions but Jesús assured them that perfect joy ceases questioning.
    I imagened Jesus looking at me, raising his brow and saying: ¿Que querías preguntarme? And I felt a burst of joy in my heart: Nothing Lord. I have no questions.

    Thanks for sharing. Keep writing.

    Tia Momis

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad I’m in near-full agreement with the Bible! 😅

      Oh, I forgot how much you had in common with this story. I’m so glad you liked it!

      Yes, so true. I just read that passage and it was very good.


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