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Crazy Writing Week, May 2021, Begins

*Walks onto stage, hands folded behind his back. Grabs the mic with his left hand, his right hand is still behind his back. Taps mic a few times before he begins to speak.*

Ahem, dear readers, I have a special announcement that I’d like to share. Crazy Writing Week, CWW, is officially…


Woo hoo!! Yes, it is true. Once again, yesterday, Monday the third of May, the day before May the Fourth (be with you), CWW went online for the public. Better yet, today the competition officially started!

I realize that many of you may not know what CWW is. To quote my friend Mia on her post about CWW… “Crazy Writing Week (or CWW or CDubs) is a program given by the Young Writers Workshop to help writers make a significant amount of progress on their writing projects by friendly competition. CWW is really similar to YWW, but does have a few differences as explained on the website.”

It is an awesome time of writing, making friends, and (friendly) competition. 😎

Everyone who joins is either put on the Spoons Team or the Forks Team. Also, if you don’t actually like competing, you can join the Sporks Team. They sprint simply for fun. I’m part of the Forks Team.

Here is a Team Fork logo I made for myself:

Image to the credit of Daniel L. Amador.

Whenever the word or time count of all the teams reaches a certain number (500,000 words or 1,000, for example), everyone will get a prize (a spreadsheet of every student’s accomplishments, for example)! 😜

CWW is a great way to boost your motivation, which in turn boosts your productivity, which in turn boosts your team’s score, which in turn may make your team WIN THE COMPETITION. Remember, the competition is only ONE WEEK LONG, but you can sign up whenever. So, sign up as soon as possible and earn your team some points!!!

If you are interested, click here!

Also, here are a couple other good posts some of my friends wrote to read on CWW! Crazy Writing Week! ~ In Which Craziness Ensues. FREE Event for Young Writers.

I hope to see you there! By the way, my name on CWW is Daniel Amador. 😉

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