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Change of Environment = Increased Productivity

Maybe you are sitting at the living room table doing homework, and you’ve been working for an hour but have hardly gotten anything done. Are you procrastinating? Getting distracted?

Maybe you’re getting the icky feeling that comes from being behind in schoolwork and being in a noisy environment. If so, you need a solution to this problem of procrastination and getting distracted.

I may have one. I may want to procrastinate giving it to you for the fun of it. 😉 Nah, nevermind. I’ll just tell you.

If all that I said in the first paragraph relates to you, there’s a good possibility you need a…

Change of environment.

Think about it. It’s easier to get distracted when there are more distractions around you. Possibly your dad on a call. The movie your siblings are watching. The sizzling of the food your mom is cooking.

You might be hearing this and thinking, “Isn’t it a bit obvious that that person should move somewhere else?” Likely. But sometimes people don’t realize the obvious until it’s pointed out to them… and a solution is provided. I’ve pointed out the obvious. Now for a few solutions.

1. Go to a cafe. Whenever I go to a cafe, I can concentrate much better. Cafes are nice, fancy, and offer yummy stuff too (for a price, of course). For me, whenever I tell friends that I can’t concentrate, they always suggest a cafe.

2. Just move to another room. If there is another quieter room you can go to, go there! The quieter, the better. For me, that’s my parents’ room. It’s cozy, warm, isolated, and quiet.

3. Build a desk, or buy one. What do I mean? Well, this is a solution I went with. My brother, dad, and I have been renovating mine and my brother’s room. A cool feature we thought we’d add was a desk. *“ooh”s and “aah”s are heard from the crowd*

Concentrating there is easier than in my living room, where all family members in this house (6 of my siblings and my parents) work, pass through, and just be. (Honestly, I didn’t actually do too much for the desk… mostly my dad and brother. They like carpentry and are much better at it than me.)

4. Clean up! You’d be surprised how much the cleanliness of a room can affect mental health, concentration, and productivity. So be tidy! If you share a room with siblings that tend to be messy, talk with them. Try to get them to understand. Figure out a resolution.

5. Talk to those you live with. This goes beyond the person you share a room with, to everyone in your household. Explain to them how their excess noise and untidiness affects your school, writing, whatever. Offer a solution, and come to an agreement.

Don’t be too nit-picky or impatient, though. The kinder you are, the more likely it is that they will listen.

6. Spruce things up a bit. If you work in your living room and your table is always dirty, your chair is chipped, the painting on the wall is ripped, there’s toilet paper on the floor left by the dog, the picture frame is crooked, the plant in the corner is dying, and so on, you’re going to get the icky feeling that comes from being uncomfortable, and comfort can help you concentrate.

Clean the table. Get a new chair. Trash or mend the painting. Sweep the floor. Straighten the picture frame. Get a new plant (and don’t let it die!). Buy a nice candle. Then take a moment to admire the nice vibe. 😎

And there are 6 tips and suggestions! I hope they helped and increased your productivity. If you have any other suggestions, comment them below, and I might add them to this post!

Disclaimer: I am not a professional nor have I put significant time into studying these things. The above are simply advice from one teen to another (even if you are not a teen, this post can still apply to you).

With God’s help,

Daniel Amador

8 thoughts on “Change of Environment = Increased Productivity”

  1. Super relatable post, Daniel! I have seven younger siblings and we’re all homeschooled, so our house tends to be fairly loud and chaotic. I actually work at a desk in our office, but it still gets hard to concentrate sometimes what with all the noise from the living room, dining room, kitchen, etc. XD If I can venture to add one tip to your awesome list . . . I listen to music with earbuds while I work. Most of the time I’m not really listening to the music itself, it just helps to create a sort of isolated world, and I can’t hear the cartoons my little brothers are watching or the history lesson my mom is teaching.
    Tidying up your workspace as you suggested is an awesome idea! I don’t love to clean, but I do love sitting down at an organized desk. Chances are that a tidy workspace will also cut down on the time it takes to work as well. You’ll spend less time searching for your assignment, paper, or a pen! XD
    Thanks Daniel and have a great day! (good luck with your own school as well)

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    1. Ooh, yeah, I listen to music too. I forgot to add that in… Can I add what you said to my post? ” I listen to music with earbuds while I work. Most of the time I’m not really listening to the music itself, it just helps to create a sort of isolated world, and I can’t hear the cartoons my little brothers are watching or the history lesson my mom is teaching.”?


    1. Thanks!
      Yeah, I’ve been thinking about adding a candle to my workspace, and seeing what that’s like. I think it’s something one of my sisters do.


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