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Changing My Posting Routine

Ah, the paradox that is summer. One often thinks they will find relaxation, peace, and good weather during it now that school is over, only to have it revealed to them that it can be almost as busy as the school year itself (but still prefer it over the school year), and that the weather goes from mostly cold during the school seasons to overly hot during the summer. Well, this is the case for me (maybe not necessarily the weather thing, but most definitely the busyness thing). Because of that, I must inform you all, my readers, that I will be changing my posting routine a bit. During the summer, at least, I’ll be posting once every other week (once every two weeks) more often than once ever week. There is the slight possibility, though, that I may take longer than two weeks to get a post published. Life is crazy, my friends.

To my slight embarrassment, I recently realized that I’ve never before asked which would be most convenient for all of you and which you would prefer, but that’ll change now, and I’ll do that with a poll (because they’re so easy and convenient).

With God’s help,

Daniel L. Amador

6 thoughts on “Changing My Posting Routine”

  1. Dude, I totally love your posts and you’re pretty much the only blog I read consistently (every time you post lol) but with that said, I get being busy, so don’t feel too much pressure about posting every week! Just find a time that’s convenient for you, and your readers will just have to suck it up haha


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