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What a Crazy Month

July 27. That’s the date of my most recent post. It’s almost been an entire month since I last posted! Wow. I’m sorry for this extensive unannounced hiatus (the longest this blog has ever experienced, I think)! I’ve been doing life hard. I don’t know what that means but it sounds cool and accurate. Currently I’m overseas from Chicago, and have been for a bit. I’ll likely tell you more about that when I get back in around a week. 😉

Some crazy things that have been goin’ on. . .

  • One of my friends texted me yesterday telling me that NF and his wife Bridgette’s BABY WAS JUST BORN—WHAT?! I’m currently waiting for her to give me the specifics, as I have no social media.
  • My birthday is in less than 30 days. “When exactly?” you may be asking. I’ll tell you when I feel like it. 😉
  • One of my other friends just launched her YouTube channel—I think I’ll tell you more about that later.
  • I discovered that listing all of the countries in the world is a lot harder on regular ground in front of a lot of your relatives when it’s dark, than on a stage in front of your friends with light.
  • I need to put a lot more effort into learning Spanish.
  • Dutch Blitz is really fun.
  • I’ve been reading some of the books I received when I won Timothy Benefield’s email list giveaway. They’re good, and have given me a LOT to think about. I want to do a review of them some time.
  • Training for a half marathon in the mountains when I’m used to flat Illinois ground is easier than I thought.

If I think of other ground shaking news I’ll probably let you all know. Well, I think I’ll be off now. But before I disappear for several more days, I just want to let you all know that my absence does not mean that I’ve forgotten about my blog. Far from it! It means I’ve been working on several posts yet can’t seem to stay focused on one project till I’m done with it, hehehe. . . but I assure you, I have been planning good content for you all! Now, farewell. Enjoy the rest of your summer (assuming school or whatever still hasn’t started for you yet)!

With God’s help,

Daniel L. Amador

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