I’m 15!

Well, that’s that. Today, I have concluded my fifteenth year on earth. It’s been quite a year, let me tell you. 😅  My close friends and family know what I’m talking about. It’s been the toughest year I’ve ever had, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, relationshiply (that wasn’t a word but it is now 😎), and academically. Not quite sure if I’d consider it an amazing year or a horrible year. Some pretty awesome and pretty horrible things have happened. Who knows when I’ll really find out the significance of this year? Could be when I’m 16, 20, or even 50. *shrugs*

Here are some goals I have for before I turn 16:

  • Learn how to drive, at least pretty well.
  • Finish the first draft of at least 3 books (whether they’re novellas or novels).
  • Have one book that is at least somewhat near being ready for publication.
  • Put time into learning how to play the drums and/or the cajón, and be decently skilled (whatever that means 😝) in at least one of those instruments.
  • Reach at least 150 subscribers on the RKW.
  • Reach the point where I’m at least fairly fluent in Spanish (hehe you wish Danny-boy).
  • Run at least four 5ks, if not place in a few. It’d also be awesome to run a half marathon again.
  • Not have “at least” in every single goal. Not happening. Just kidding, ehehe.

Don’t know how difficult each of these goals will be to accomplish, but hopefully difficulty won’t sway me much! 😃

Goodbye, 14, hello 15! 🤪

Now . . . when is your birthday (assuming I don’t know already 😉)? Is it coming soon?

With God’s help,

Daniel Amador

36 thoughts on “I’m 15!”

  1. Good for you for getting the math right… I see to many people, for example, turn 15 and say things like “I’m excited to see what my 15th year will bring.” No, if you’re turning 15, you just finished your 15th year, and you’re starting your 16th, like you said.

    My birthday was August 15, and I turned 20. (I’m also a fictional character in a story set in the 1990s, so if I were a real person, I’d be in my mid-40s today.)

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    1. Hehe, thank you. Yeah, I see that a lot. People don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about that.

      Nice! Happy very-late birthday! How has 20 be treating you?
      (Hehe. Yes, nice.)

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      1. (Answering in character)
        20 has been interesting so far. I like my classes. I’m taking Intro to New Testament, getting credit for learning about the Bible… of course, it’s just learning about it as a historical and literary document, but it’s still important to study that too.

        And I’m in chorus… that’s a new experience for me, considering how much I hated performing music in front of people when Mom made me take piano lessons as a kid.

        I started going to a new church recently, where a lot of my friends from Jeromeville Christian Fellowship go. It’s a little different from the Catholic churches I’m used to, but I feel like the Catholic students here just aren’t very serious about their faith.

        I wish I knew how to ask Haley out. We’re still just friends. And one of my other guy friends seems interested in her too. I’m starting to get a little frustrated with JCF… now that I’m not new to the group anymore, it seems like I’m being left out of the cliques that exist within the group.

        And this week is the election for US President, between Bill Clinton and Bob Dole. It’s the first time I’ve been old enough to vote for President. I don’t like Bill Clinton. I hope he loses. [Remember, I’m writing this in character from 1996… and that will be this week’s episode]

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  2. Happy birthday, Daniel!! Those are some awesome goals! I can definitely relate to what you said about the past year… for at least the past three years I’ve said that they were both the best and hardest years of my life. Life just keeps getting better and more difficult! XD Blessings on your coming year!

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  3. *ignores that I’ve already said this a gazillion times today*
    happy birthday buddy!! I’m grateful for you and am so glad we’re friends. (: Stalk my about page on YDubs for my birthday. ☺️

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    1. *then, for the gazillionth time. . .* Thank you!
      Yeah, I know when your birthday is. Unlike lots of people I always check the “About” page, hehe.


    1. Well, a few awesome things were my AP class and several races.
      I’m not entirely fine with sharing the horrible things publicly, though.


  4. Happy birthday, Daniel!! (Sorry I’m late!) I hope you have an amazing 15th year!!

    On Fri, Sep 17, 2021 at 9:06 AM The Right Kind of Writer wrote:

    > Daniel L. Amador posted: ” Well, that’s that. Today, I have concluded my > fifteenth year on earth. It’s been quite a year, let me tell you. [image: > 😅] My close friends and family know what I’m talking about. It’s been > the toughest year I’ve ever had, mentally, emotionally, physically,” >

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    1. Thanks, Kate!
      (BtW, one of my sisters got me your book –paperback version– for my birthday, and I could finally read it! I finished it, and I thought it was amazing. I’ll hopefully be able to get that review done soon. . . And I’m excited for #2!)


  5. Que tu décimo sexto (16th) año sobre la tierra sea maravilloso. Lleno de metas alcanzadas y nuevos retos.
    Yo recuerdo bien mis 15! Dejé mi casa para salir a estudiar. Si quieres venir a practicar el español, aunque sea por unas semanas, eres bienvenido.
    Un fuerte abrazo,
    Tu tía Momis

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  6. Happy birthday, Danny! I’m sorry to hear that this year was so tough, but I’m glad there were good parts too–and like you said, it’s an opportunity to grow 🙂 Enjoy being fifteen; I hope this year is a good one for you!

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      1. Lol, it’s hard to adjust to the fact that I’m one year closer to going out into the world, but I believe that God will guide me through the hassle of today’s problems

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