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Stolen (Element Wolf book #1): a Review

*Reader sees the post’s name* “Wait a second, Danny, I recognize the name of this book! But. . . why do I?” Is that what you’re asking? If so, here’s my answer: you have seen me talk about this book here. I announced the publication, and I promised a review. About -10 years- 4 months later, here it is! A review of Stolen (Element Wolf book #1) by Jehanne J. Hedrick. Now, let us begin, shall we?

Synopsis (from the paperback version):


Flight is the first-born to the unbreakable alphas of Star Pack—the pack of wolves that rule the harshest territory in Yellowstone. The young pup is noticeably strong, and he’s full of potential no wolf can deny. On his first day outside the den, Flight is overcome with love and pride for his ice-locked land.

But after his entry into the world beyond the den, Flight’s perfect life in his beloved homeland is cut tragically short as everything the young pup loves is whisked away from him. Flight finds himself in an ominous land known as Avida, ruled by a vengeful wolf with a haunting past.

The pup is astonished to learn that he is part of a mysterious prophecy which claims he holds unusual powers given only to him. However, the ruler of Avida wants Flight to use his abilities to help her destroy the pup’s entire pack so she can claim his homeland.

Desperate to rescue everything he loves from destruction, Flight forms his own plans against the cruel alpha of Avida. For months, Flight works in secret with newfound allies, readying their plans before the ultimate bloodshed. But when the day comes, what happens is more shocking than Flight could have ever prepared for.

My Opinion:

Story: An awesome read. Stolen is a huge book, let me tell you, and it’s not easy to carve a beautiful masterpiece from such a large piece of stone, but Hedrick did well. She managed so well to depict these wolves, 🐺 and I was amazed by the fight scenes. Many of you readers know that I love wolves, and my main project is a wolf story. It’s hard to write a wolf’s actions properly and accurately, without being repetitive. The author knew what she was writing; clearly educated on wolves. 🤓 Though, there were a lot of characters to keep track of. There were some characters (and scenes) that appeared in the beginning and appeared or were referenced much later when I had already forgotten them. Throughout the book my brain filtered through the great amount of content by picking the more noticeable scenes and characters and tossing the less important or interesting ones away.

As careful as Jehanne J. H. was, some repetition still occurred. Notably in Flight’s thought progressions. This may be a style though. I’ve seen it done in another book series I read.

As for the last main battle, I have some thoughts. . . ‘hackles bristling’ was way overused. Those hackles were really bristling, I suppose. One event that occurred was explained imaginary, but then was apparently real life. . ? 🧐 A last thought on this is. . .




No main or even significant side character died! 🤯 Like, what? That might sound cruel and violent, but the way the story went and how things happened and such, it’s almost entirely unrealistic. That was a disappointment.



Spoilers are done!

Finally, one of the most important things to note that would almost entirely wipe out any negative of this book in my opinion. . . there was no romance!!! Ahahaha! 😎 Okay, maybe there were a few romantic mentions, but they were only things like ‘By the way, I can tell you like her, kinda. The end.’ Hedrick, know that the lack of romance makes me ecstatic. 🥳

As for spirituality, a deity/supernatural being was hinted at only a few times. This leads me to believe that future Element Wolf books will continually focus a bit more on the hinted deity (God). But I can’t be entirely sure, though the author is a Christian.

Design and art: The cover is beautiful. I love it. Though there are two weird parts to it. For one, below the wolf’s chest is a flame that looks like a three fingered hand trying to hold him, and two, where the legs meet the flames, it doesn’t make sense. It appears as though they are supposed to be in front of the flames but then they are also covered by the fire? I don’t know. Those two things just look weird and are kinda annoying. Besides them, the cover is amazing.

I was elated to see that the book had MAPS! They’re pretty cool, but aren’t as detailed as other book maps I like, and one of them is kinda unclear. But, either way, maps make a book so much better, in my opinion.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Pages: 478 (Amazon stat)

Genre: Fantasy

Amazon Rating: 5 Star

Amazon link: Here

Author’s website:

Author Bio (Paperback Version):

Jehanne J. Hedrick is a young writer with a passion for wolves and nature. She developed a love for storytelling at age seven, and that love has continued to grow ever since. She strives to use her words for the service of others, and her goal is to use her writing to shed light into a broken, darkened world. Aside from writing, she also enjoys music, art, and learning more about one of her favorite story subjects—wolves. Visit her at:!

With God’s help,

Daniel Amador

2 thoughts on “Stolen (Element Wolf book #1): a Review”

  1. Hi Daniel! Thank you so so much for doing this! I really appreciate you taking the time to read it and write a review for it. (Also, sorry for not getting back until now! My emails have gotten out of hand. XD) Out of curiosity, what was the one event you described that was “explained imaginary, but then was apparently real life”? I might be able to clarify it in book 2. Also, you are welcome for the lack of romance. 😂 While I do plan for Flight and Winter to be mates someday, I am NOT a fan of mushy, sappy romance where all the characters care about is their romantic relationships. *barf* Not cool. Anyway, thank you again so much for doing this! I hope you have a great rest of the week!


    On Mon, Oct 25, 2021 at 9:04 AM The Right Kind of Writer wrote:

    > Daniel L. Amador posted: ” *Reader sees the post’s name* “Wait a second, > Danny, I recognize the name of this book! But. . . why do I?” Is that what > you’re asking? If so, here’s my answer: you have seen me talk about this > book here. I announced the publication, and I promised a rev” >

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course! I should be thanking you for making a quality book.
      (SPOILERS FOR OTHERS READING THIS COMMENT) The confusing scene was when Flight was in the final battle, and it said he imagined a gorge open and fire come out of the lava in it, but then it was described as actually happening.
      Thank you. *barfy-barf*
      You are welcome, and you too!


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