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November Wrap-Up & December Preparations

Hello there! Good old Obi Wan quotes.

I was hoping to have some writing advice for you today, but after some fellow writers went through editing it, I realized that it is, um, most definitely not ready for sharing. I didn’t really have any back-up advice post ready and I could never focus on one helpful topic long enough to finish it, so I thought I’d just wrap up this month with some updates! I’ve divided these updates into three sections: goals, blogging, and reading.


I had three goals that I shared with you a few weeks ago:

  1. Finish my project Beyond the Wolf (i.e. reach 60K words) by December 15 (52/60, rounded down).
  2. Publish at least 4 posts in the month of November (1/4).
  3. Run three times a week, unless the temperature is below-40Β° F (I’m starting with this week, because I only ran twice last week).

And here are the updates:

  1. I completed my goal of reaching 60,000 (60K) words sixteen days before the due date! [Screenshot of proof is put after the list.] Although, I didn’t actually finish the book. . . far from it, really. It’ll probably be done by 70K words. *facepalm* I’ll need to put a good chunk of time into outlining.
  2. I was able to publish five posts, one more than the said goal!
  3. I, um, *cough* didn’t do so good in this one. Only two weeks, I think, did I run three times. But I ran a 5K on Thanksgiving morning and I was aiming for 21 minutes, but I beat it by 11 seconds! So, um, yeah, that was cool.
This was through


Like I said earlier, I have a habit of not putting enough effort into starting and finishing a post, so I have a whole bunch of unfinished blog post drafts piling up in my google docs. πŸ˜†

The plus is that I can always come back to them and if I put enough effort in, I can finish. This December I hope to provide you with at least four posts! I have a good idea of what I want for three of them, so I hope that turns out well and works out for you too. πŸ™‚

I also just want to say I appreciate all the support you readers have given me! It really is encouraging. And can you believe that I’m almost at 100 subscribers?? 0-0 This means a lot to me.


A while ago my friend Laurel tagged me for the Bookworm Tag. I wanted to post my version earlier in November, but as I was going through answering the questions, I realized that, and this is hard for me to admit, I don’t actually read as much as a writer should. I write much more than I read, and it’s good that I’ve had plenty of motivation to write, but I hardly read at all. This December I am going to try to finish reading three books by the end of December, not including school books. I’ve already started reading 88 pages (out of 390, so about 1/4) of The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann.

And there you have some of the inside scoop into my life. May God bless you during the Christmas season! Farewell. See you next week! πŸ˜‰

With God’s help,

Daniel Amador

4 thoughts on “November Wrap-Up & December Preparations”

  1. *is new to your blog due to Moriah Armstrong’s recommendation* Heya! Wow, those are some lofty goals (especially the running one XD). Good job getting them finished!! And eeeyyy, congrats on almost getting to 100! *high-fives*

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