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The Writer’s Absolute, Christ-Like Power Over Their Story

In the Christian writing community I’m part of, I see several writers call themselves “evil.” Why? If you know writers, you know it means they make their characters suffer, both for their own “amusement” and to make the readers cry, or at least feel sad.

When you erupt strong emotions in the reader, it usually makes them more involved and interested in the story. All authors want this kind of outcome from the reader.

However, I don’t like the label, “evil writer.” For several reasons: 1) it’s making it clear that you’re exploiting the emotions of the readers for your own gain, which is a cruel way to gain readers, 2) besides piquing the interest of readers, it’s overall pointless and violent, and 3) no Christian should ever want to call themselves evil.

The best way for someone to grow as a person is to try to be more Christ-like. Not only is Christ the supreme model for how we should be, but He is also the Author of life. He created life and everything else; He also ‘wrote down’ what came to be, is happening, and will come to be. We can become incredible writers by following His example.

So instead of “evil writer,” here is one term writers could use to call themselves..:

Ultimate Authors

“Ultimate” means “all-powerful” and “final,” or “conclusive.” It refers to the highest power, and the very end, of a situation. With God, that situation is really all of time and existence. For writers, it means the overall story arc.


Writers are all-powerful over their stories because it’s them that write, plot, create, and dream. Even when the storyline feels out of control, really it’s you who has the ultimate power to change and fix it (always stay dependent on God, mentors, friends, and family, though!).

Conclusive Control.

It’s only God Who can bring about the end of time and Who knows how to end it in the best way possible (and impossible). Every author wants that kind of ultimate control and knowledge for their story’s conclusion. You can have a great intro, even an incredible story body, but without a good outro, it’s almost all for naught.

What Does the Ultimate Author Do?

The perfect version of the ultimate author doesn’t kill, torture, or make suffer the characters without a purpose. She knows how each character contributes—however significantly—to the storyline and plot.

The perfect ultimate author has a plan to tie everything up into a masterly conclusion, that makes the story’s theme shine and stirs up the emotions of the readers properly. He designs the story in such a way that the readers are left staring at that last paragraph for minutes on minutes, enchanted.

What Do We Do With This Information?

Maybe I left you thinking “if only.” I know I made myself think that. 😅 But don’t just stop there! We will never go anywhere with wistful wishful thinking. Plus, those examples were of perfect ultimate authors. And nobody’s perfect. Do more than dream—try, and write! And write, and try! And push, and press on! And write! What I’m saying is: do something about who you want to be.

I’m not telling you to ditch “evil writer” and use “ultimate author” simply because I don’t like people calling themselves evil. I’ve provided my reasons why, and it’s up to you to decide.

If calling yourself an ultimate author helps you to keep a good mindset and view of writing as a Christian, then go for it!! It definitely sharpens my own perspective.

But if not, that’s fine—I’m not offended. 🙂 It’s a take-it-or-leave-it kind of thing. The whole point is that you remember why, how and for who (or Who)  you write. I could list my own reasons, but that’d take a while. So I’ll stop here. I hope you’ve taken away something from this post that will stick with you.

God bless and farewell, fellow ultimate authors! (That is, if you so choose to claim that title for yourself, alongside me. 😉)

With God’s help,

~Daniel Amador

7 thoughts on “The Writer’s Absolute, Christ-Like Power Over Their Story”

    1. Heyyy, does that mean I wrote something that might be original in the bloggiverse?? *hehe, one point for the RKW* *jk* *it’s really God Who’s deserving*
      I’m glad it was thought-provoking!


  1. May by God’s grace you always seek to not lower
    your writing according to the appetites of the readers’ least common denominator – amuse or cater— but to please the ultimate writer and supreme story teller. “Ultimate” writer. I like that.

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