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Kingstorms: a Flash Fiction

Well hello! I hope you’ve had some time to rest, relax, and read some great books this summer. Today I’d like to share with you a flash fiction of mine! 😀

I clung to the porch railing, tears streaming down my cheeks, spilling from my shut eyes. Wild wisps of my long, sandy hair whipped at my face as the dusty wind howled and sailed through the afternoon sky. The swirling currents were like spatulas churning batter—but the gale speeding across the prairie was no flapjack.

“JONAS, WHERE ARE YOU?!” I screamed, squinting just a bit to gaze over the plains. But to no avail; my watery eyes didn’t catch any sign of him. No rhythmic hoofbeats of his horse, no scattering of gravel, no jovial shouting from down the road.

He’d been gone for over a week. Jonas had never left me alone for so long. It was just supposed to be a short trip for supplies to a town a little ways off. He needed me to watch over the farm, and we both knew I was mature enough to handle it. I was eleven, after all, and no longer just a little girl. Or at least, that’s what we thought.

Jonas had been dedicated to being there for me, and he swore to never leave for more than four days. Five days was how long it took before the bodies were found and deaths were announced, nine years ago—my parents listed among the names.

That week he broke his promise. Days five and six were hard enough. During the loss of my mother and father, he took up the role of parenting instantly. His absence left only fear, which led to a vile sickness in my stomach.

By the seventh day, I couldn’t eat a bite of food or even walk from my bedroom to the kitchen. So I crawled to the porch and laid there, leaning against the wood pole. I remained in that one position until early afternoon, just waiting for my brother.

That’s when the overwhelming signs of a kingstorm flooded the atmosphere.

In the past, people solely heard rumors about kingstorms: phenomena known only because of bedtime stories. They were tempest brought on when the sky giants—massive behemoths who resided in the clouds—were hungry and reached down to take a piece of the planet. Fingers like tornados and palms like hurricanes would descend down slowly and tear apart the earth. After days of chaos, they would give a final jerk on a chunk of nature and drag it up with them to the skies.

Nine years ago was the first appearance of a kingstorm in over a century. They took my parents. Clearly, they didn’t get enough to eat last time. This time, they might take Jonas too. It was all I could do to not faint right there.

I pulled myself up and stood on shaky legs. Musty air filtered through the cloth I wrapped around my head as I inhaled. Grasping at any courage I had left, I sprinted up the road.

JONAAAS!” I shrieked. “Where- where are you?!

Something nearing me in the distance caused me to slow down. Dread choked my throat, and my eyes grew wide despite the flying currents of sand swirling in the air. There was my big brother’s horse, Rune, galloping madly down the dirt path. Riderless.

I crumpled to the ground, clutching my chest. “Oh, no, no. . .”

Rune reached me and trotted to a stop. She kneeled down and nudged me. Impulsively, I reached to stroke her. I held her head in my hands, tears streaming freely, when I stopped dead-still. A parchment was tucked tightly into Rune’s bridle. I snatched it—relieving Rune—and rolled it open, soaking in every word.

The national army led everyone to safety in deep bunkers, forcing me to join them. You need to come now because they’re not going over there! Directions are below.

I love you, Irene. Be safe.

~ Jonas

Thanks for reading! I know it’s not very good, but hope you enjoyed it anyway. Now, go do something fun this summer day. 😁

14 thoughts on “Kingstorms: a Flash Fiction”

  1. …but hope you enjoyed it anyway. Now, go do something fun this summer day. 😁
    I did!
    Some of us have work to do today.
    Looking forward to hearing about the back yard clubs

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    1. Thank you, Joelle! Alas, there is no more, but—*cough* Nevermind. I would’ve offered something as most people would do, for example, “but you can check out my snippet series” or “but I will be posting another story soon,” however, neither of those are true. *nod* 😛

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