Who I Am

Welcome to my blog! I’m Daniel—an avid writer, Chicago native, and a believer and follower of my Savior, Jesus. I have one dog, seven siblings, and years of running, reading, and geographic study (my favorite subject) under my figurative belt. 😎 My top choice of reading and writing genres is Christian fantasy. I strive to teach, touch, and entertain others with my writing. I hope you enjoy your visit to my blog!

What I Write

For years, in my much younger days, I was an enthusiastic comic writer. A few times I tried my hand in novel-writing, but nothing turned out. About halfway through age 13, I began to take writing seriously, and put much time into writing books. Since then, I’ve been a novelist and blogger, and even a poet and songwriter. I have yet to officially publish any piece of writing other than on my own blog.

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