Photo to the credit of Daniel L. Amador

Daniel L. Amador

Daniel Amador is an avid writer and Chicago native. He’s a believer and follower of his Savior, Jesus. Daniel has one dog, seven siblings, and years of running, reading, and geographic study (his favorite subject) under his figurative belt. His favorite book series is the Door Within Trilogy, by Wayne T. Batson. Daniel strives to help and touch others with his writing.

What He Writes

For years, in his much younger days, Daniel was an enthusiastic comic writer. A few times he tried his hand in novel-writing, but nothing turned out. About halfway through age 13, Daniel began to take writing seriously, and put much time into writing books. Since then, he’s been an author, blogger, poet and song writer. Daniel has yet to officially publish any piece of writing other than on his blog.

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