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New Year—New Expectations, Part 2: My 2022 Plans

Happy New Year, Everyone!

The letter sequence 2-0-2-2 has crept its way into calendars, clocks, minds, blog posts, and more. The future has become the present, and we were swept up in it. On December 31st, in part 1 of this 2-part series, I talked about how to fulfill your resolutions. Today I’m going to share with you some of my plans and goals for this year. Even though these aren’t technically resolutions, I’m still going to try to practice what I ‘preached’ about a few days ago.

Even though I know not everything turns out the way I want it, I have several expectations, hopes, and goals for this year, and today I will share several. By the way, some of these concern you, my reader, particularly concerning the future of this blog! As well as upcoming writing-related opportunities and sneak-peaks.

In 2022, I want to. . .


  • Participate in Crazy Writing Week, 2022—January 4-11. Crazy Writing Week, or CWW, is an online event where hundreds of writers gather to write like crazy! It is totally free. Two teams compete against each other to write the most words and/or spend the most time on some writing-related activity. It’s a great motivation booster!  (And if you want to participate but not compete, you can join the neutral team. 😉) It used to be three times a year, but now it’s just one time. So this is your only chance for the whole year! Though it starts on the 4th, CWW opens up on the 3rd—TODAY—for people to get acquainted with the community, get hyped up, etc. I’ll be there, and I hope you will too! 😀
  • Finish up the first draft of Beyond the Wolf. I’m so close to finishing the first draft of my book Beyond the Wolf (BtW)! I hope to complete it before January 15—halfway through the month; though, of course, it could end up being 80,000 words or something instead of my goal of 70K. 😑 My goodness, I’ll be so relieved once I’m done with that draft! I’ve been working at it hard for so long. 😅
  • Begin (and then finish) Heirs of Guinn. In preparation for the next writing project after BtW, I’ve started outlining a novella project temporarily called Heirs of Guinn (HoG—man, me and my funny Work-in-Progress acronyms)! I’m much more confident in the plot and characters of this story than I was and am of BtW, so in the future I may perhaps write some HoG sneak peaks—what it’s about, snippets, character interviews, topics like that. I’m excited and I hope you are too!
  • Participate in Camp NaNoWriMo. Camp NaNoWriMo—National Novel Writing Month—is the more laidback version of the actual NaNoWriMo in November. From what I understand, it’s in July and instead of writing a minimum of 50K words in a month, it’s whatever you want it to be. Most commonly, 20K words. It’d be my first time participating.


  • Reach 100 subscribers (and 150+ by the end of the year). Guys, the RKW is literally so close to 100 subscribers!!! As of now, when I’m writing this, this blog only needs 3 more followers to reach 100. I’m definitely elated about this news! Now I’m trying to decide what to do to celebrate. As a subscriber of mine, feel free to share some ideas of what you want me to organize/do! 😄
  • Write more book reviews. I was given several books for Christmas, and I’m excited to jump back in and start reading more again, as well as do a few book reviews! As I begin publishing reviews, you may notice that most of them will vary in quality and style, as I continue to polish and refine my book-reviewing skills (if I had any to start with). 😎 So if I start getting more ‘picky’ compared to older reviews, it’s because I’m learning to get better at seeing more pros and cons of a book. Future book review possibilities include, but are not limited to: Dehali, Tartarus Chronicles book #2 by Keith A. Robinson (find review of #1 here), The Bruised Dream by Alabama Rose, Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger, and *waves hand around* Some Wayne Thomas Batson book (I’m undecided as to which series to read next).
  • Make more posts based on Christian and Biblical morals and beliefs. I have so many drafts in this area of my posts, and I’m finding it hard to stick to one topic for a post and write about that. I have lots of ideas and everything going through my head, and it’s difficult to put them to the paper efficiently, concisely, and truthfully. But I’ll try. 🙂


  • Read More. I’ll try to read some of the books listed earlier, as well as others. Reading is fundamental to writing, so what kind of writer would I be if I didn’t read more often?


  • Lead a child to Christ. What do I mean by this? Every summer I participate in a training called Christian Youth in Action, or CYIA. It’s an 11 day intense training where youth learn to teach the gospel effectively to children through 5 day clubs. Now, you can learn more about this when I write about it in the summer so I won’t explain anymore. But many of my fellow youth have led children to believe Christ. I’ve never done that. Now, this is something out of my control and I suppose what’s most important for me is to try to reach these kids and what’s most important overall is for them to come to Christ, no matter who leads them.
  • Read the Bible every day. I could have done much better with this in 2021. I hardly read (chronologically) on the weekends, and I’ve missed several days several times. My bible is very, very thick—the thickest book I have—, and with my lack of consistency in other years, I’ve been chronologically reading this holy beautiful book for multiple years. I can’t remember exactly when I started, but it was a while ago. I’ve picked up how much I read every day, and I just finished Ephesians.
  • ‘Pray without ceasing.’ This is tough for me to pray so often. Many times I’ve forgotten to pray when I finished a passage in my Bible. I do need to pray more. And not just about things I want and need, but to thank and praise Jesus. He definitely deserves more than all the praise I can possibly give Him.

Regular Life.

  • Begin learning how to drive. I turn 16 this year, so requesting my dad begin to teach me as well as organize the lessons will be something I need to get myself to do.
  • Begin learning an instrument. My dad wants me to start learning guitar, but taking the initiative to have my mom or someone else teach me and then actually practicing is something that’ll take motivation accountability. I do also want to try out drumming/using a cajón. I know if I try I can do it but it really is hard for me to start up something new and keep it going.

And those are most of my plans, goals, and hopes for this new year, 2022.

What are some of your goals and plans for 2022? Are you excited for this new year? Scared? Nervous? I’d love to hear your thoughts too! 🙂

With God’s help,

Daniel L. Amador

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I’ve Been Interviewed!

Hi again, everyone! Yeah, I know, I already posted yesterday, and that was also an announcement, but this is like. . . a more unexpected one— er, it’s, um, a special one— er, it’s— you know what, nevermind. I’ll just say that this one’s even shorter.

Main point: I’ve been interviewed as an aspiring author!! The interview was posted yesterday, on Tasha Van Kesteren’s blog, here. It was awesome to be able to do something like this. I don’t think I’ve ever been interviewed before.

So, if you’re reading this, thanks for interviewing me, Tasha!

And that’s all, everyone. 🙂

Actually, no it’s not, sorry. Hehe.

Notice: The RKW is so close to reaching 100 subscribers! I just want to thank everyone who’s subscribed and say that I really do appreciate your support, and I hope that it was and is worth it!

With God’s help,

Daniel L. Amador


This Christmas

Friends, there is so much someone could say for a Christmas post. There’s so much that will be said on Christmas day, I’m sure. I’ve been thinking about it—“what should I post this Christmas? It’s such an important holiday, I need to post something special!” But now I don’t think I actually need to. I don’t want to ‘contribute to the noise’ this Christmas, if you know what I mean. This year I shall attempt to minimize the stress the best I can—because last year, the days that led up to Christmas were just too much for me. And when you’re super busy with family things and wrapping and all, the last things you need are expectations for a great post.

Right now I am tossing away any expectations you may have. I’m not going to post anything this Christmas.

I’m pushing aside all those uncompleted Christmas post and short story drafts and I’m going to try to slow down a bit more this week, if that’s possible. XP

So inclusion to this short post, Merry Christmas, my friends! May God bless you this season. And may you have a white Christmas, even if you’re in Chicago like me where it hasn’t snowed on Christmas day in years!!! 🤪

P.S. My gift to you—which I’m giving a few days early 😅—is the snazzy new graphic thing I made for this post. 😉


With God’s help,

Daniel L. Amador


November Wrap-Up & December Preparations

Hello there! Good old Obi Wan quotes.

I was hoping to have some writing advice for you today, but after some fellow writers went through editing it, I realized that it is, um, most definitely not ready for sharing. I didn’t really have any back-up advice post ready and I could never focus on one helpful topic long enough to finish it, so I thought I’d just wrap up this month with some updates! I’ve divided these updates into three sections: goals, blogging, and reading.


I had three goals that I shared with you a few weeks ago:

  1. Finish my project Beyond the Wolf (i.e. reach 60K words) by December 15 (52/60, rounded down).
  2. Publish at least 4 posts in the month of November (1/4).
  3. Run three times a week, unless the temperature is below-40° F (I’m starting with this week, because I only ran twice last week).

And here are the updates:

  1. I completed my goal of reaching 60,000 (60K) words sixteen days before the due date! [Screenshot of proof is put after the list.] Although, I didn’t actually finish the book. . . far from it, really. It’ll probably be done by 70K words. *facepalm* I’ll need to put a good chunk of time into outlining.
  2. I was able to publish five posts, one more than the said goal!
  3. I, um, *cough* didn’t do so good in this one. Only two weeks, I think, did I run three times. But I ran a 5K on Thanksgiving morning and I was aiming for 21 minutes, but I beat it by 11 seconds! So, um, yeah, that was cool.
This was through


Like I said earlier, I have a habit of not putting enough effort into starting and finishing a post, so I have a whole bunch of unfinished blog post drafts piling up in my google docs. 😆

The plus is that I can always come back to them and if I put enough effort in, I can finish. This December I hope to provide you with at least four posts! I have a good idea of what I want for three of them, so I hope that turns out well and works out for you too. 🙂

I also just want to say I appreciate all the support you readers have given me! It really is encouraging. And can you believe that I’m almost at 100 subscribers?? 0-0 This means a lot to me.


A while ago my friend Laurel tagged me for the Bookworm Tag. I wanted to post my version earlier in November, but as I was going through answering the questions, I realized that, and this is hard for me to admit, I don’t actually read as much as a writer should. I write much more than I read, and it’s good that I’ve had plenty of motivation to write, but I hardly read at all. This December I am going to try to finish reading three books by the end of December, not including school books. I’ve already started reading 88 pages (out of 390, so about 1/4) of The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann.

And there you have some of the inside scoop into my life. May God bless you during the Christmas season! Farewell. See you next week! 😉

With God’s help,

Daniel L. Amador


Two Announcements, Three Goals, and a Q&A

I have some things to share. I’ll try to keep it short, but you know how it is with me. 😉

Two Announcements

1. I’m sure many of you have heard me talk about the Young Writers Workshop—the online writing program with a library full of instructional writing-related lessons and an online community of many young writers across the world—a bad description, but it’s the best I could do on short notice. 😅 Anyway, the instructors from YWW (give or take some people, very likely) created the Young Writer Blog, and they launched it November 2nd!

I don’t want to make this too long at all, so I’ll just share their “About Us”:

We are bestselling authors who know what it’s like to navigate the world of writing and publishing as teenagers. We’ve helped hundreds of young people grow as writers, reach more people, and publish their work. We’d love to help you too.

Their first and second posts are out, so check them out, and everything else too! 😄 The blog already has so many resources available.

2. Next week’s post will be a short story–or, rather, a piece of flash fiction, written by yours truly! Yes, Daniel L. Amador actually managed to write a short story. I would’ve published it today but there were already too many other things too share to add a short story as well, and I didn’t have time to go through even a second draft or give it up for editing, so yeah, be sure to check it out Monday, the 15th!


Here of some goals I have set for myself:

  1. Finish my project Beyond the Wolf (i.e. reach 60K words) by December 15 (52/60, rounded down).
  2. Publish at least 4 posts in the month of November (1/4).
  3. Run three times a week, unless the temperature is below-40° F (I’m starting with this week, because I only ran twice last week).

Q & A

  1. What is your favorite sports team? Favorite sport team?? I don’t know. I don’t follow teams that much. But my favorite sport to watch is soccer, so when the World Cup comes on I usually root for Mexico and/or Spain.
  2. What food do you dislike the most? I used to really dislike mushrooms, but now they’re not that bad. The worst food I’ve had, though I don’t remember what it was called, I had it at a friends house and it looked, tasted, and smelled just like throw-up. 😋 🤮
  3. What first gave you the motivation to start a blog? The very first time I wanted to start a blog/got the motivation to start a blog was during a sermon in September of 2020, I think. My dad was preaching and he kind of gave the story of the prodigal son a more modern setting. I thought that was really cool, and I wanted to write stories like that. That was the first vision for my blog. Obviously it didn’t turn out. A second thing that came later in the month of October (2020) was when my friend launched her blog. That really gave me the final kick to make a WordPress account and get “the Right Kinda Writer” (now “the Right Kind of Writer—that’s why the url still has “kinda”; I don’t know how to change it, and if you do please tell me!) started.
  4. What is one popular book (or series) you haven’t read? What’s one? Oh, I can give you many. Two that I’ve started but never finished are the Chronicles of Narnia and the LotR. I haven’t ever read the Percy Jackson series, Harry Potter Series, KotLC series, or the Hunger Games Trilogy. I could go on.
  5. What is your favourite character from any book? Hands down, Malik from the Door Within Trilogy. He’s just awesome. Though he’s a side character and lacks depth in character growth, the series wouldn’t be the same without him, and neither would my very first novel project; he was inspiration for my favorite character in the now-paused project.
  6. Why do you like to write? That is a very good question—easier asked than answered. Some reasons: I love creating stories. I love bringing the crazy ideas from my brain to paper or a doc. I love making my characters experience the troubles, joys, and such that I experience. Finally, it’s one way I can teach others and glorify and worship my King.
  7. Who is your favorite movie character? No, no, NOOOO! I have no idea. Legolas, maybe?? Spiderman, maybe?? Iron Man, maybe?? Black Panther, maybe?? Someone from Big Hero Six, maybe?? I don’t know, honestly.
  8. If you could live in any fantasy/sci fi world, which one would you live in (ie. Middle Earth, Tatooine, Dune, etc.)? Hm, good question. Let me think. Proably Middle Earth, because I’ve always loved the idea of a simple, bright, down-to-earth place like the Shire, and I’ve always had the feeling of safety and comfort in Rivendell. They are like rare jewels in a regular rock mountain.

Thank you to all who submitted questions. I hope these were adequate answers. 🙂

That is all I have for today. Have a good morning, afternoon, evening, night, whatever!

With God’s help,

Daniel L. Amador



The last (and first) time I went to Spain was when I was 6, about to turn 7; August 2013, I think it was. My whole family went for a family reunion and to attend my cousin’s wedding. Though many in our extended family have met every year for a reunion, that was the most recent time the whole family reunited, and it hasn’t happened again since. Anyway, this year, my mom, one of my older sisters, and my younger brother and I went again. Now I could go through every detail and make this a several-thousand-word post, but I don’t have the time to write it all and you probably don’t have the time to read it all, or if you do, then you probably wouldn’t want to spend all that time reading every little detail. So, instead, I’ll just write the general idea of the trip, which includes a description and explanation of each location, and I’ll tell you some highlights, and a photo dump! Let’s begin.

The General Description of Our Travels

1. Grandparents house: Near Madrid

  • So it was a 7 hour plane ride from Chicago to Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. When we arrived we waited in the airport for a very long time. My feet hurt as we waited in lines and my head spinned as we ran around to the next gate. That was the worst part of the trip, and it’s over, thankfully! From there we flew to Madrid, the capital of Spain.
  • At the Madrid airport our grandma picked us up and took about two hours from the capital to her and grandpa’s home. We (my grandparents, my family, and the other two families in Spain) spent a little less than a week at their awesome house and property, which has olive farm. They also have gardens and a donkey called Mr. Chico. At their house we spent a good deal going to charcas, natural pools in rivers formed by rocks.
  • It was a lot of fun making the annual cousin movie with my cousins, which we presented to the parents during the velada (talent show).
  • The velada was very fun. That’s where I listed all the countries in the world.
  • My siblings, mom, and I had two days with just ourselves and grandparents, as the rest of the family left. That was a peaceful time.
  • It was fun to do some running there, in the mountains of Spain. I’ll give a little more info on that in my future post on running, to be posted in probably a little over a month. 😉

2. One family’s house: Near the Spain-France border.

  • We left our grandparents house and got a rental car in Madrid. We walked through Madrid for a lil’ bit then took off on the 6 hour drive to our cousin’s house at the foot of the Pyrenees Mountains.
  • It was a long drive, though not unenjoyable. I looked out the window at the beautiful Spain scenery for a lot of it. I thought a lot. I tried to sleep a few times, I think. I also played Minecraft. I ate some food too.
  • I had a vague memory of what their house looked like, but the layout was a lot different than what I remembered. It seemed as though the whole house had sunk and the outside of the property had shrunk. 😅 They also added a new living room to their house which was super snazzy.
  • They are a fun family, with seven kids and a fun property, which we enjoyed playing around in.
  • One day we hiked up to a high hill, which had a small steeple at the peak. It had amazing views of the Pyrenees Mountains.
  • We were there for two days and left on the third day to Barcelona to the other family.

3. Another family’s house: In Barcelona

  • Situated on a steep hill among many other cramped houses in the city, theirs is quite fascinating! Now, if you know me well, then you probably know that I’m enthralled with architecture. And the situation and design of their property is captivating! Their house (i.e. building) itself is kind of simple, but the way their surrounding grounds go along with the steep incline is. . . all the synonyms I’ve already used. I tried mapping it in my sketchbook to get a good idea of what it looks like,  but I stopped for two reasons. One, I didn’t have a whole lot of time to do it, and, two, the math of it made no sense! Anyway, I’m unnecessarily ranting so I’ll stop now. 😉
  • Anyway, I had a fun time there hanging out with my cousins. At one point my mom and I ventured into the downtown of Barcelona, which was fun. We took a lot of time to get souvenirs for the rest of our family back in Chicago, which was stressful.
  • We were there for two days, and left for the airport on the third day.
  • We survived the airport process, and made it onto the plane, nervous as we neared Lisbon airport every passing second. When we got there, yeah, you guessed it: there was a very long line. Except not as long as it was last time. The strike that started when we were there the first time was still kinda continuing. Lots of chaos and confusing things. . . until we made it onto the airplane, finally. We had a decent ride back home. We made it through regular O’Hare Airport procedures, and my toddler sister and dad were there to greet us and take us home.

The end. 🙂 Just kidding! Photo dump time. 😎

Photo Dump

On our way to Portugal from Chicago!
The horizon seen out of a Chicago to Portugal plane’s cabin window.
A Barcelona beach.
Water and rocks.
A chaotic picture of water and rocks with the camera lens cover with droplets of water.
Waves and sand.
Underwater shot.
Sand, rocks, and the Mediterranean Sea.
Waves and rocks!!
*Mini tsunami seen in the distance* “RUUUN!!!” Just kidding. It’s jus’ a wittle wave.
I think that landmass in the photo is Barcelona, as we fly from the large city to Lisbon, Portugal.
A floor of clouds. . .

If I’m being honest, I wish I’d have taken a lot more photos, but I forgot a bunch of times. I’m going to see if I can convince my brother to put some videos of Spain on his YouTube channel. . . But what a blessing this trip was! I am very grateful.

Now, what were some things you all did for vacation? I’d love to hear about it!

With God’s help,

Daniel L. Amador



What a Crazy Month

July 27. That’s the date of my most recent post. It’s almost been an entire month since I last posted! Wow. I’m sorry for this extensive unannounced hiatus (the longest this blog has ever experienced, I think)! I’ve been doing life hard. I don’t know what that means but it sounds cool and accurate. Currently I’m overseas from Chicago, and have been for a bit. I’ll likely tell you more about that when I get back in around a week. 😉

Some crazy things that have been goin’ on. . .

  • One of my friends texted me yesterday telling me that NF and his wife Bridgette’s BABY WAS JUST BORN—WHAT?! I’m currently waiting for her to give me the specifics, as I have no social media.
  • My birthday is in less than 30 days. “When exactly?” you may be asking. I’ll tell you when I feel like it. 😉
  • One of my other friends just launched her YouTube channel—I think I’ll tell you more about that later.
  • I discovered that listing all of the countries in the world is a lot harder on regular ground in front of a lot of your relatives when it’s dark, than on a stage in front of your friends with light.
  • I need to put a lot more effort into learning Spanish.
  • Dutch Blitz is really fun.
  • I’ve been reading some of the books I received when I won Timothy Benefield’s email list giveaway. They’re good, and have given me a LOT to think about. I want to do a review of them some time.
  • Training for a half marathon in the mountains when I’m used to flat Illinois ground is easier than I thought.

If I think of other ground shaking news I’ll probably let you all know. Well, I think I’ll be off now. But before I disappear for several more days, I just want to let you all know that my absence does not mean that I’ve forgotten about my blog. Far from it! It means I’ve been working on several posts yet can’t seem to stay focused on one project till I’m done with it, hehehe. . . but I assure you, I have been planning good content for you all! Now, farewell. Enjoy the rest of your summer (assuming school or whatever still hasn’t started for you yet)!

With God’s help,

Daniel L. Amador


Your Thoughts and My Brother’s Channel

Before I start with the post’s main topics, I just want to say. . . my review on CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE) by NF is on it’s way! It’s just taking a lot longer than I thought. I’ve gotta be thorough with these things. Now, to the post!

Recently, I realized that I have never officially asked for your, my readers’, feedback about my blog. But I do want to know what you think of the Right Kind of Writer. So, I’ve prepared a simple, three-question survey to get your thoughts on the RKW! I’d really appreciate it if you’d take the time to fill it out. Thank you! Just click here.

Alright, about the ‘My Brother’s Channel’ part of the post. So, my younger brother Israel Amador (don’t know why he isn’t using his first name *shrugs*) started a YouTube channel a few days ago (I was his first subscriber 😎). I want to leave you in suspense, so if you want to know what his channel’s about, just check it out (and subscribe. . .)! Just click here.

Aaaaaaaaaaand that’s all I have for you today. See ya!

P.S. Sorry this is late! Technical difficulties.

With God’s help,

Daniel L. Amador


Changing My Posting Routine

Ah, the paradox that is summer. One often thinks they will find relaxation, peace, and good weather during it now that school is over, only to have it revealed to them that it can be almost as busy as the school year itself (but still prefer it over the school year), and that the weather goes from mostly cold during the school seasons to overly hot during the summer. Well, this is the case for me (maybe not necessarily the weather thing, but most definitely the busyness thing). Because of that, I must inform you all, my readers, that I will be changing my posting routine a bit. During the summer, at least, I’ll be posting once every other week (once every two weeks) more often than once ever week. There is the slight possibility, though, that I may take longer than two weeks to get a post published. Life is crazy, my friends.

To my slight embarrassment, I recently realized that I’ve never before asked which would be most convenient for all of you and which you would prefer, but that’ll change now, and I’ll do that with a poll (because they’re so easy and convenient).

With God’s help,

Daniel L. Amador

Announcements/Notifications/Updates, Music

I’m Getting Back Into Writing + a Poll

Good morning -or noon, or evening, or whenever you’re reading this- everyone! Today there’s something I’d like to tell you all:

We’re getting there. . .

Just a little further. . .

Alright, just three more for the fun of it. . .

I’m getting back into writing!!! I think a little explanation is needed. So, I’ve already informed you that I was taking two advanced classes, along with my regular other subjects. Because of that, I have hardly written anything this month, and not that much last month or even throughout all of 2021. For that reason, I haven’t written any posts on writing-centered advice, tips or suggestions. But this Friday I finished middle school for good (that means that I’m a freshman now and I’m not really sure what I’m going to do for high school, though that can wait)! Oh, and on another note, I completed my Advanced Placement Human Geography Exam on Friday so that’s relieving, and I’ll get results in July.

Anyway, now that summer vacation is here, I hope to do a lot more writing other than blog posts, and I hope I’ll be able to crank out some good writing-advice posts. Thanks for reading!

Now, you’re probably seeing this and wondering, “wait, what about the poll?” Well I’m glad you asked! This involves a future post.

Near the beginning of this year, two artists that I listen to and enjoy released an album. Christopher, by Hulvey, and CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE), by NF. Both artists are Christian, though Hulvey is a Christian Artist. Both albums have Christian messages, but Hulvey’s is officially Christian. Both are pretty good, but NF’s is much better quality (and to be honest I like it more). I really want to do a review for my blog of one of them, but. . . which one?? Christopher, or CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE)?

Since it would be for all of you, which one do you want a review on?

With God’s help,

Daniel L. Amador