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New Year—New Expectations, Part 2: My 2022 Plans

Happy New Year, Everyone!

The letter sequence 2-0-2-2 has crept its way into calendars, clocks, minds, blog posts, and more. The future has become the present, and we were swept up in it. On December 31st, in part 1 of this 2-part series, I talked about how to fulfill your resolutions. Today I’m going to share with you some of my plans and goals for this year. Even though these aren’t technically resolutions, I’m still going to try to practice what I ‘preached’ about a few days ago.

Even though I know not everything turns out the way I want it, I have several expectations, hopes, and goals for this year, and today I will share several. By the way, some of these concern you, my reader, particularly concerning the future of this blog! As well as upcoming writing-related opportunities and sneak-peaks.

In 2022, I want to. . .


  • Participate in Crazy Writing Week, 2022—January 4-11. Crazy Writing Week, or CWW, is an online event where hundreds of writers gather to write like crazy! It is totally free. Two teams compete against each other to write the most words and/or spend the most time on some writing-related activity. It’s a great motivation booster!  (And if you want to participate but not compete, you can join the neutral team. 😉) It used to be three times a year, but now it’s just one time. So this is your only chance for the whole year! Though it starts on the 4th, CWW opens up on the 3rd—TODAY—for people to get acquainted with the community, get hyped up, etc. I’ll be there, and I hope you will too! 😀
  • Finish up the first draft of Beyond the Wolf. I’m so close to finishing the first draft of my book Beyond the Wolf (BtW)! I hope to complete it before January 15—halfway through the month; though, of course, it could end up being 80,000 words or something instead of my goal of 70K. 😑 My goodness, I’ll be so relieved once I’m done with that draft! I’ve been working at it hard for so long. 😅
  • Begin (and then finish) Heirs of Guinn. In preparation for the next writing project after BtW, I’ve started outlining a novella project temporarily called Heirs of Guinn (HoG—man, me and my funny Work-in-Progress acronyms)! I’m much more confident in the plot and characters of this story than I was and am of BtW, so in the future I may perhaps write some HoG sneak peaks—what it’s about, snippets, character interviews, topics like that. I’m excited and I hope you are too!
  • Participate in Camp NaNoWriMo. Camp NaNoWriMo—National Novel Writing Month—is the more laidback version of the actual NaNoWriMo in November. From what I understand, it’s in July and instead of writing a minimum of 50K words in a month, it’s whatever you want it to be. Most commonly, 20K words. It’d be my first time participating.


  • Reach 100 subscribers (and 150+ by the end of the year). Guys, the RKW is literally so close to 100 subscribers!!! As of now, when I’m writing this, this blog only needs 3 more followers to reach 100. I’m definitely elated about this news! Now I’m trying to decide what to do to celebrate. As a subscriber of mine, feel free to share some ideas of what you want me to organize/do! 😄
  • Write more book reviews. I was given several books for Christmas, and I’m excited to jump back in and start reading more again, as well as do a few book reviews! As I begin publishing reviews, you may notice that most of them will vary in quality and style, as I continue to polish and refine my book-reviewing skills (if I had any to start with). 😎 So if I start getting more ‘picky’ compared to older reviews, it’s because I’m learning to get better at seeing more pros and cons of a book. Future book review possibilities include, but are not limited to: Dehali, Tartarus Chronicles book #2 by Keith A. Robinson (find review of #1 here), The Bruised Dream by Alabama Rose, Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger, and *waves hand around* Some Wayne Thomas Batson book (I’m undecided as to which series to read next).
  • Make more posts based on Christian and Biblical morals and beliefs. I have so many drafts in this area of my posts, and I’m finding it hard to stick to one topic for a post and write about that. I have lots of ideas and everything going through my head, and it’s difficult to put them to the paper efficiently, concisely, and truthfully. But I’ll try. 🙂


  • Read More. I’ll try to read some of the books listed earlier, as well as others. Reading is fundamental to writing, so what kind of writer would I be if I didn’t read more often?


  • Lead a child to Christ. What do I mean by this? Every summer I participate in a training called Christian Youth in Action, or CYIA. It’s an 11 day intense training where youth learn to teach the gospel effectively to children through 5 day clubs. Now, you can learn more about this when I write about it in the summer so I won’t explain anymore. But many of my fellow youth have led children to believe Christ. I’ve never done that. Now, this is something out of my control and I suppose what’s most important for me is to try to reach these kids and what’s most important overall is for them to come to Christ, no matter who leads them.
  • Read the Bible every day. I could have done much better with this in 2021. I hardly read (chronologically) on the weekends, and I’ve missed several days several times. My bible is very, very thick—the thickest book I have—, and with my lack of consistency in other years, I’ve been chronologically reading this holy beautiful book for multiple years. I can’t remember exactly when I started, but it was a while ago. I’ve picked up how much I read every day, and I just finished Ephesians.
  • ‘Pray without ceasing.’ This is tough for me to pray so often. Many times I’ve forgotten to pray when I finished a passage in my Bible. I do need to pray more. And not just about things I want and need, but to thank and praise Jesus. He definitely deserves more than all the praise I can possibly give Him.

Regular Life.

  • Begin learning how to drive. I turn 16 this year, so requesting my dad begin to teach me as well as organize the lessons will be something I need to get myself to do.
  • Begin learning an instrument. My dad wants me to start learning guitar, but taking the initiative to have my mom or someone else teach me and then actually practicing is something that’ll take motivation accountability. I do also want to try out drumming/using a cajón. I know if I try I can do it but it really is hard for me to start up something new and keep it going.

And those are most of my plans, goals, and hopes for this new year, 2022.

What are some of your goals and plans for 2022? Are you excited for this new year? Scared? Nervous? I’d love to hear your thoughts too! 🙂

With God’s help,

Daniel L. Amador

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New Year—New Expectations, Part 1: Fulfilling Resolutions

It’s upon us yet again: a new year. 2022 is just around the corner. Let me rephrase that.

2022 is in just several hours.

2021 is finally over, and 2020 is far behind us! I’m going to be honest, my post for the conclusion of 2020 was maybe a bit unfair to the poor year. It was a year full of immense discouragement, but God also blessed me in several ways. As we begin to look beyond 2021, I’m going to say it: 2021 was a tense, not-so-amazing year, but it definitely had it’s pros, and lots of it.

Now enough of that, hehe. Look, even as you read this 2022 nears us! We all know what a new year comes with. New resolutions, hopes, and expectations. The idea of expecting is the theme in this two-part series. Last year I came into 2021 with thoughts more, say, realistic than others. I believed that it was likely ‘21 would be no better than ‘20. And that worked out well for my brain. Now I’m coming into ‘22 with a similar mindset: Things could be worse than this year, things could be better, or things could stay the same; I will try to trust God fully either way. But I still have my plans for this year—which I will talk about tomorrow in part 2—and I’m sure you do too.

We all know how it is with new year resolutions, that they just never turn out. In a Phineas and Ferb episode, Dr. Doofensmirtch fired a machine that made everyone’s new year resolution the same: to obey his every command. After the clock struck 12, he shouted out an order for all of them to follow him as he walked out the door. When he noticed no one was obeying he asked why. One of them said, “well everyone knows no one ever fulfills their resolutions!” XD Funny show, that Phineas and Ferb. Anyway, it’s true that many, if not most, resolutions do not turn out. But some do. Today I want to explain to you several practices that could save your resolutions from flying off with the wind.

Meditate on Each Resolution.

Before you jump into anything, you need to remember to meditate and pray. Sometimes your emotions get stirred up and you forget to consult with your Heavenly Father. He knows best. Ask Him before you make an important decision.

Start Slowly.

If you get the ‘okay’ from God, then when you start with whatever you’re doing, start slowly. If your resolution is to spend time at the gym and you were planning to go four days a week, start with one day a week. Then once you’ve got that ‘in the bag,’ go two times a week. Then three. Finally, when you know you’re serious about this and you’re confident and strong, go four days a week. Same concept with running goals; writing goals; food goals; etc. Ease into it.

Find Accountability.

We all need accountability in some areas of our lives. For everyone who has a resolution, you need accountability. If you’re goal is to talk to an unbeliever at school about Christ once a week, no one is going to automatically notice whether you are or aren’t doing it—only Jesus, you, and the person you did, or didn’t, talk to. None of your friends or family are going to automatically know if you did it or not, So you need to personally request that someone make sure you did it. Say it’s your best friend. Tell them your goal, and to make sure you aren’t lying about doing it, make sure they are present when you are witnessing.

If it’s about things more personal, sometimes it’s weird to request a person, even a family member, to keep you accountable. But it is vital. You need an accountability partner or mentor especially if it’s something personal.

If you’re plan is to pray at least ten times a day, do you know how easy it is to lie about that? “Hey, did you remember to pray?” “Yeah.” “Nice!” Easy as that. So you need to be honest about it. And remember, God sees you. He knows if you’re praying or not. You can fool any human, but not God.

Even if God is always watching you, you still do need a physical, visible person to help you. Make sure they’re someone either ahead of the game or struggling with you. Not some passive person who hardly understands your situation at all.

You’re human, therefore imperfect.

As you jump into this new year, remember this: you are human, and therefore you. Are. Not. Perfect. You are not superhuman. You’re just not, and you never will be till you reach Heaven. You may not fully accomplish your resolution, and that’s not good, but it’s okay. Feel me? Just repent to your partner or mentor and to God, and try again.

If you keep failing. . . 1. Maybe you’re going to hard. 2. Maybe you need to be kept more accountable. 3. Maybe you shouldn’t even be doing it. If #1 & 2 have been fixed, maybe it’s #3. If so, pray about it more. Talk to a spiritual mentor about it.

Either way, throughout the highs and lows of this new year, trust in Jesus. He loves you, and not only knows what’s best for you, but wants what’s best for you. May you thrive this year, brother, sister, friend!

Talk to you next year! 😉

With God’s help,

Daniel L. Amador

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Thankful for the Little Things: a Blog Collab

Good morning, fellow humans! So, today’s Thanksgiving, eh? Doesn’t that mean that Christmas season is almost here?? Doesn’t that mean that 2022 is nearly here??? Hold up, what?!

*pauses* Oh, well, back to the topic, Thanksgiving! Politics, history, food, football; what really is it for our culture? *shakes head* Let’s just go to the basics: giving thanks.

Last year, if you remember, I attempted to think of ten things I was grateful for in the shortest time I could. It took me 32 seconds. Now, to express gratitude to the One who gave us everything we have this year, I’m doing a blog collab! I’ve never done one before, and don’t even know how to do it, but I tried. I’m collaborating with blogger Moriah Armstrong, from The Quill!

Wanna say hi, Moriah?

Hey there! I’m so excited to be able to do this collab with Daniel! It’s a first for me, and something I hope to be able to do again in the future. Happy Thanksgiving, by the way! 🙂

We are collectively sharing 50 things we are grateful for, of which we don’t often express our gratitude. She’ll share first, then me.

Alright, Moriah, go ahead!

Okay! Here are 25 things I am very, very grateful to have in my life:

  1. My home.
  2. Air conditioning.
  3. Food
  4. Alllll my little fur babies
  5. My friends
  6. My family
  7. Being homeschooled
  8. Clean Water
  9. Being quick to learn
  10. Writing
  11. The internet
  12. Books
  13. God
  14. Good health
  15. Access to medical care
  16. Nature
  17. My height (I can reach EVERYTHING!!!)
  18. Life
  19. Apple pie (it’s really, really good)
  20. Candles (especially the ones that smell nice…XD)
  21. Love ❤
  22. Sweaters
  23. My bicycle
  24. Chocolateeee. Yum.
  25. Clouds

*nods* Good things to be grateful for!

Now, my turn. Thank you, thanks, thanks so much, God, for. . .

  1. Pencils
  2. My beanie
  3. Comfortable weather (we don’t have any currently, but just the idea is comfortable)
  4. The livelihood of Chicago during the Christmas season (it’s coming, people! 0-o)
  5. The beauty of a candle flame, then of the smoke as it dances away until it fades.
  6. Those people that genuinely respect everyone else as equals (I know a few people like that but I’ll keep them anonymous)
  7. The times when it’s all crashing down around me and You, Jesus, are like “just hold on and I won’t let you fall away with it all”
  8. That this is my 50th post ever
  9. Sounds and smells that remind you of the happy parts of your childhood, and even make you shed a tear
  10. The fact that I have never broken a bone, gotten sicker than a mildly severe cold (surprisingly COVID had almost no effect on me), or had to visit the hospital for any other reason than check ups and visiting others—i.e., that You’ve kept me safe
  11. That You, God, have given me the strength to not. Give. Up. On writing, school, and life in general
  12. The movies classic to our family: Cheaper by the Dozen, tLotR, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, etc
  13. The many hours of hard work artists put into their music to make it amazing.
  14. Peanut butter (it’s legitimately really good)
  15. My planner
  16. Strong winds in autumn days
  17. Cool, delicious water after a long, hot run
  18. Book shelves
  19. Nylon stickers (they’re so much better than regular stickers)
  20. Always green evergreens
  21. Google Earth
  22. My shoes
  23. My grass (I have a little pot of grass in my room)
  24. Cheesecake
  25. Happy family times

And those are our collective fifty. I know we could do so much more, but that would make this post incredibly long.

As a final note, every time you do something, just think, “what can I be grateful for here?” Always remember to be thankful for even the little things. 🙂

Thank you, Moriah, for doing this with me! Be sure to check out her blog, and her version of our collab! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

With God’s help,

Daniel L. Amador

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Today’s My Bloggiversary!

Today, one year ago, I published my very first post on the Right Kind of Writer. So today, I celebrate one full year of blogging! I’ve definitely learned a lot and gained more skill in certain areas, and the RKW has experienced so many changes.

Some changes:

The logo.

I used to have a tagline intro thing. It was so bad, hehe.

The color scheme.

Where I got my pictures, and how I edited them.

Content type.

The blog’s vision.

Those are just a few. I really hope most choices I made on and for my blog were for the better. Thank you, all my dear readers, for your patience with my indecisiveness, and for sticking with the RKW. Your support is very appreciated, and I hope this blog has blessed you one way or another!

Now, I don’t exactly remember when my blog was launched (I think it’s sometime in November) but this is the day my first post was published. Doesn’t make sense? Blame WordPress.

Time for some beautiful. . .


  • Followers: 86 [28 through email; 58 through WordPress]
  • Total posts (including this one): 46
  • Total visitors: 1,300+
  • Where: Views from 1+ countries in all 6 ecumene continents 🌎

I’m thankful to God that this blog came to be and still is! I hope the Right Kind of Writer will be able to bless more and more people. There were a whole lot of people who’ve helped me with this blog, and I’m very grateful to you. I won’t say names, but if you helped edit posts, critiqued graphic designs, offered blogging advice, calmed me down when I would go insane because TECHNOLOGY DESPISES ME and/or provided some other sort of needed assistance, you know who you are. 😉

To celebrate, I’m commencing a Question & Answer session (I was going to do that for when I reached 100 subscribers but maybe I’ll do something else for that—if you have any ideas, please tell me). 🥳 Each of you can ask up to three questions (whether in the comments, through the contact page, or any other way) and I’ll answer them in a post soon-to-come (probably next Monday)!

[I reserve the right to ignore any question for whatever reason.]

Welp, that’s all for today! Thank you for reading! May God bless your day today. 🙂

With God’s help,

Daniel L. Amador

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I’m 15!

Well, that’s that. Today, I have concluded my fifteenth year on earth. It’s been quite a year, let me tell you. 😅  My close friends and family know what I’m talking about. It’s been the toughest year I’ve ever had, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, relationshiply (that wasn’t a word but it is now 😎), and academically. Not quite sure if I’d consider it an amazing year or a horrible year. Some pretty awesome and pretty horrible things have happened. Who knows when I’ll really find out the significance of this year? Could be when I’m 16, 20, or even 50. *shrugs*

Here are some goals I have for before I turn 16:

  • Learn how to drive, at least pretty well.
  • Finish the first draft of at least 3 books (whether they’re novellas or novels).
  • Have one book that is at least somewhat near being ready for publication.
  • Put time into learning how to play the drums and/or the cajón, and be decently skilled (whatever that means 😝) in at least one of those instruments.
  • Reach at least 150 subscribers on the RKW.
  • Reach the point where I’m at least fairly fluent in Spanish (hehe you wish Danny-boy).
  • Run at least four 5ks, if not place in a few. It’d also be awesome to run a half marathon again.
  • Not have “at least” in every single goal. Not happening. Just kidding, ehehe.

Don’t know how difficult each of these goals will be to accomplish, but hopefully difficulty won’t sway me much! 😃

Goodbye, 14, hello 15! 🤪

Now . . . when is your birthday (assuming I don’t know already 😉)? Is it coming soon?

With God’s help,

Daniel L. Amador

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The Origin of Valentine’s Day

Grab your atlas, running shoes, (Spanish to English translator,) and a good book! You ready? Let’s go, fam!

Valentine’s Day has been advertised and globalized as the day that seems to celebrate love/romance, chocolate, and apparently the colors pink and red also.

That’s wrong on various levels. First of all, they didn’t even have chocolate in the 5th century (when the origin occurred). I know, really sad, but I guess not for them since they didn’t even know it existed. Also, I guess the point of the pink and red is because those colors symbolize love… and about the love/romance thing, originally, St. Valentine’s Day was made to celebrate marriage, but, like many things, it has changed over time. Now forward with the origin!


During the 5th century, Emperor Claudius II outlawed marriage, likely so that more men would go out to war and spend less time with family. (He wasn’t the brightest guy, if you know what I mean.)

Of course, banning marriage is like… One can’t just ban marriage! Not even if you’re a crazy emperor.

Anyway, there were some people who were not okay with this (if not most people). One of the people who was strongly against Claudius’s decree was a saint named Valentine. He continued to marry couples in secret. One cannot simply ban one of the greatest gifts God gave people and get away with it.

After hearing many reports of secret marriages and the one who marries the couples, Claudius sent men to find Valentine. They did eventually catch him, and locked him up like a firefly in a tight-sealed jar, to be executed.

In prison, Saint Valentine met and befriended the jailer’s daughter, Julia, who was blind and therefore, according to her times, was supposedly only good for serving food to the prisoners.

The two grew to be great friends, and one day, with God’s amazing help, Valentine healed Julia of her blindness and she could see once again.

Claudius decided to give St. Valentine the chance to be free and not executed (because he didn’t want to risk riots and revolts if Valentine was killed. Never underestimate the power of the public) if he would deny his faith.

St. Valentine was brought before Emperor Claudius II, but, like every Christian should, he did not deny his faith. God was his number one, and God told him to marry people.

So then he was thrown in jail and beheaded. Sad, but not the ending. When Claudius died, marriage was legalized again. And people could legally marry each other. Like they should if God calls them to. Because you can’t just outlaw marriage. Oh right, I’ve already said that. Moving on.

Before Valentine was killed though, he wrote a love letter to Julia, and signed it “from your Valentine” (kind of disappointing, honestly, because I was going to say this whole thing on the fallacy of the popular phrase “will you be my Valentine” and how it didn’t make sense because people would say it to their lovers even though Valentine was the person who actually married the couples, but then I realized that Valentine himself was a lover. Fun fact, I’m a Lover. No, really, the last name “Amador” means “Lover”. Look it up. Random fact. Whether it is convenient or not for this not-actually-national holiday, I am still unsure).

Anyway, that is the story of Saint Valentine; the origin of St. Valentine’s Day. Even though I posted this around 11 O’ clock p.m., it’s still Valentine’s Day, so I can still say, I hope you have a happy rest of St. Valentine’s Day!

With God’s Help, 

Daniel L. Amador


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Burn, 2020, Burn

Grab your atlas, running shoes, (Spanish to English translator,) and a good book! You ready? Let’s go, fam!

I apologize that this is technically 5 days late! I’ll be publishing another post today too.


Last Wednesday, on the eve of New Year’s Eve, some of my family, some of my family’s friends, and I burned 2020.

Yes, we set fire to a large 2020 sign from the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020.

My dad and I went to our church and picked up the sign. I got to say that I fit 366 days in our minivan. 🙂

I got to say that I fit 366 days in our minivan. 🙂

It was awesome, you know, to see the symbol of the year 2020 -one of the hardest years of so many lives, including mine- just burn by fire. To just let all that pain blow away in ashes and sparks. Goodbye, 2020, year of pain and sadness. I pray that the years to come will be so much better than this past year.

Anyway, the time was awesome.

Like I said, my dad and I went and picked up the 2020 sign from our church and took it to our backyard. There, we set up a fire place of sorts and stood the sign balancing on a metal stand which stood above the fire. Then our friends came and we waited for the sign to burn up while we took pictures and just hung out (don’t worry, we were COVID-careful!).

Left to right: Me (Daniel), my dad (behind the sign), my younger brother Jonathan, and my older sister Ren.

Eventually, the sign began to burn and take to flame. Some of the fire actually turned to colors like green, purple, and blue! There was a beauty in burning the faults of the past and passed year….

Our mom also brought out her guitar and began playing while we all sang songs around the fire.

A joyous, celebratory time; celebrating the end of this hard, old year, and the beginning of a new one.

During all of this, some of our guests tried our homemade (made by younger bro and dad) zipline for the first time and loved it!

At one point, I had mentioned that it would be awesome if the sign just broke in half over the stand, and a bit later, it did. We all jumped and then cheered. 2020 had been broken.

We all jumped and then cheered. 2020 had been broken.

The fire continued to pop and crackle, slowing breaking down and destroying the symbol of 2020, as every minute came closer to the end of that year.

Finally, all that was left were the embers. The year was gone, but the embers, metal, and burn marks on the ground were still there, like scars of 2020. Memories. Things that won’t really go away. Beside the fire, there were two pieces of cinder block as well. The fire was so powerful that it broke those to pieces in half. 2020 has made a huge mark on all of us. But now there is space for a new sign.

Finally, all that was left were the embers.

Let us hope that this new sign, 2021, will be blessed and touched by God for us.

Me putting paper into fire.

But, whatever happens, stay strong and stay true! Stay focused on God, the only One who can really save us! He will guide us!

Also, stay safe and away from the Coronavirus!

With God’s Help, 

Daniel L. Amador


Holiday Specials

A Set of Christmas Gifts for My Readers

Grab your atlas, running shoes, (Spanish to English translator,) and a good book! You ready? Let’s go, fam!

Merry Christmas, and a happy new year!

There. I said the line. Now can I go enjoy my greatly deserved vacation?


What do you mean, “No.”??

Just what I said.

Why not??

Because you have readers to entertain.

I know, but… it’s Christmas!

Exactly. Come on, if you really want to be successful with this blog, ya gotta be consistent.

But, but, Montgomery didn’t tag me for anything which means I don’t have to do anything!

Danny-boy, you’re more mature than this. You’re acting like Emma when she’s being taken to bed!

*gasp* Did you just compare me to a three-year-old??

Ya darn right I did, vaquero.

*in an exasperated tone* ¡Por favor!

Don’t talk back to me, er, you. This is for your own benefit.

Alright, fine. But what do you want me to do, then???

Give ‘em some Christmas gifts.

Buuuuut… what if I don’t want to?

*sly grin, cracks knuckles and neck* I don’t think you want to know…

Did you just threaten yourself?

Yes. Now go give your readers some gifts.


Weeell… that happened. And now I forced myself to give you all some gifts, so here you are!

Gift number one is -drum roll, please-… *drum rolls*

A chapter from my book Beyond the Wolf!!! Particularly Chapter 2! (Don’t worry, you won’t really miss anything. Except that one in every twenty five creatures have supernatural powers) Enjoy!!

Chapter Two


Oblivious to the fighting, Yarrow darted back and forth, using her given powers to heal wounded wolves.


Yarrow crept up upon her slightly older brother, Rock, and was hidden behind a tree. She was about to jump out and yell when… “Gotcha!” her best friend, Sharpgrin, had snuck up on her instead! “Agh!” she screamed. 

“Don’t, don’t do that to me, Sharpgrin!” she scolded.

 “You were going to do the same thing to Rock!” he chuckled. “Why I ought-a… wait, do you hear that?” she asked. “No I- wait, I do! I think it’s the hunters coming back!” exclaimed Sharpgrin. “But so soon?” asked Yarrow.

They both ran to where they heard the commotion going on. The hunters were shouting orders and preparing for battle.

“What’s going on?” Yarrow asked her father, one of the hunters. “As we were hunting, we saw an enemy pack charging towards our pack! Oh no, here they are now, coming up the dell! I must go!” he ran with the others, towards the enemies.

Despite others telling her to get away from the battle, she ran towards the dell and quickly found a hiding place between a few rocks.

The wolves from her pack leaped upon the ones climbing up the hill, knocking several down. 

Most of the ones who fell got up, but some did not. 

There were three battles going on: one, between the enemy wolves who made it to the top and the defenders, who were already there. Two, the fight at the bottom of the dell, for the wolves who fell, and three, the fights on the side of the dell (in which it would end quickly whenever one or more wolves would fall off, which would be often).

A wolf saw her and started coming towards her. 

She yelped and started running away. 

“I’ll get you, you little runt!” he shouted. He was gaining on her, and she had to do something fast.

She was dodging and ducking between trees, but she couldn’t shake him! Then she had an idea. She abruptly stopped, and the wolf flew past her, trying to halt, but he tripped and flew into a tree, unconscious. 

She grinned, delighting in her victory, but stopped when she realized she was surrounded. 

Yarrow looked around and counted only four. 

I can do this! She thought. 

She firmly placed her four feet on the ground, and looked down, and closed her eyes. 

When she looked up and opened them again, her eyes glowed pure green, and plants wrapped themselves around her legs. 

The wolf facing her left side lunged at her, but she turned her head to look intently at him, and her eyes glowed brighter for a second. 

When they did, a root burst out of the ground and grabbed onto the wolf’s leg, spiraling around it, and flung him into a tree. 

The wolf to her right ran toward her, jaws open, but she stared at him, her eyes glowing. A vine connected to a tree shot out and grasped onto another tree, then the wolf’s neck slammed into it, and he was flung hard onto his back. 

The two others left charged at her, but she glared at them, stiffened, eyes brightening, and they were soon buried completely by weeds. 

She sighed, then the plants wrapped around her legs fell loosely on the ground, her eyes turned back to normal, and she fell on the ground, panting. 

“Phew! I can’t believe I actually did that! Wait till my family hears about this!”

She got back up and ran back to the battlefield.

There weren’t many fights going on on the side and the bottom of the dell, but mainly at the top, unless a wolf or two was thrown down. Her father was a worthy fighter, third to the Alpha himself. 

Yarrow watched in amazement as she could see her father making progress through the battle, scratching, scaring, and biting wolves, hardly stopping.

She saw a friend of her eldest sibling Keywolf, and he had a deep scar on his side and was lying on the ground. She ran up to him and put her paw on him. Her eyes glowed green, and then natural herbs and plants wrapped around the older wolf’s scar. The plants glowed green for a second, and then came loose. She took her paw off his side, and revealed that his scar was completely healed (though not gone, it would be known to him as a battle scar)!

He got up, thanked her, and ran off to continue fighting.

Yarrow decided to do that to others.

Oblivious to the fighting, Yarrow darted back and forth, using her given powers to heal wounded wolves.

She ran into her father and told him what she had done earlier.

“Papa! You should have seen what I did! I used my plant powers almost perfectly, defeating four wolves! And a fifth with just pure skill! I think I could help in this battle, is there anything I can do?” 

“You’re not allowed to fight in battles just yet, you are still too young. Now, go and make sure your younger siblings are safe!” 

“Yes, father.” she sighed.

She ran back to their cave and looked in: there was her mother, her older twin sisters Nextwolf and Velvet, and her younger brothers Hexad and Endmost. 

Her two older brothers Keywolf and Rock weren’t there. Probably out fighting with Papa, she thought.

“Yarrow, where’s Charity?” asked her mother. “Wait, she’s not here?!” cried Yarrow. 

“We thought she was with you!” exclaimed Velvet. She scanned the cave, and sure enough, her younger sister Charity was not there.

“Oh no,” muttered Yarrow. She dashed out of the cave, ignoring her mother’s call.

“Charity!!!” she yelled. She ran into the battle, and then accidentally ran into Keywolf, the eldest child in the family.

“Yarrow, what are you doing here?! You’re supposed to be with the others!” he scolded. 

“I went looking for Charity! Is she with you?” 

“No. She isn’t with Mother?” he asked. 

“No! I was hoping she was with you!” cried Yarrow. 

“Well, come on then, let’s go find her. Hopefully, she’s with Rock!” 

They went into the fray of the battle, ducking and dodging. A wolf lifted his paw to strike Yarrow, but Keywolf bit the wolf’s leg and rammed his body into him.

They kept on going, and then they found Rock, older than her, but younger than the twins.

When they saw Charity wasn’t with him, they explained to him what happened, and all three of them kept on searching.

They decided to search at the bottom of the dell, and while they were, Keywolf was called back to the battle.

“Stay safe, okay? Rock, don’t let Yarrow out of your site!” he said. They bid him well, and he left.

They went through, searching, with noses to the ground sniffing. “Agh! I can’t smell her out if she’s down here! The smell of blood is just too strong,” he complained. 

An enemy wolf came crashing down the dell, and Rock and Yarrow jumped out of the way.

The wolf got up, shook himself, and when he saw Yarrow, he leaped towards her, but Rock rammed into him. 

The wolf growled and lunged for Rock, but rock just turned his head to the side, stuck out his shoulder, and the wolf’s bruised side hit it hard. The wolf howled in pain, swinging his head, and his head eventually hit a tree, knocking him out.

“That’s one of the reasons they call me Rock!” he boasted to the unconscious wolf.

Yarrow rolled her eyes. “Alright, you’ve had your fun, now come on and help me find Charity!”

They saw a small group of fighting wolves and lots of trees, and ran towards it, hoping their little sister was there.

“Charity!” they yelled again and again. 

Yarrow ran up to a wolf from her pack, who had just bit off a large tuft of fur from another wolf. “Have you seen a little girl, younger than me, around here?” she asked.

“Um, yes, she was running away, and a wolf was chasing her. She tripped and fell somewhere over there, and I tried to help but was being attacked, and I just forgot, I’m sorry.” 

Dodging fallen and fighting wolves, Rock and Yarrow made their way to the place the wolf pointed out, a large cluster of trees and shrubs.

They went into the cluster and searched for a few seconds when Yarrow gave out a sharp cry. Rock ran over to her and saw the reason for her cry: there lay the body of a young, she-wolf: Charity.

“Charity… how could anyone do such a thing!?” cried Rock. 

“No, Charity… why, why, why!” murmured Yarrow.

They nuzzled their snouts into the body of their beloved sister, and then Yarrow looked up at the moon and howled in agony, sadness, anger, and pain.

“Who would ever do such a thing..?” muttered Rock.

“I would.” A wolf appeared from behind some trees. Her fur looked purple/silver in the light of the moon that had just come up. 

Despite almost all of the wolves being very dirty because of the fight, her fur was perfectly clean and smooth.

Rock and Yarrow jumped up and twirled around. “Who- who are you?” stuttered Yarrow.

“Who am I? I am Myriad, daughter of Blaze, the Great and Powerful Alpha! Who am I?? I am the fourth in command of the packs of Blaze! Who am I?! I am one of the greatest female warriors in all of the land! Who am I?!? I-”

“You are a betrayer and enemy of the Great Beast!” declared the Alpha, in a great and powerful voice. He stood atop the dell looking down on the three, and beside him was Yarrow’s father. The second in command was off somewhere fighting other wolves.

He lowered his tone. “And all enemies of the Great Beast who will not turn to him must be defeated.”

Myriad looked up and glared at him.

“Fool,” she hissed. “I cannot simply be defeated! I will never give up until I am dead! And killing me is no easy feat,”

She lunged for Yarrow’s neck, jaws open wide, but Yarrow’s father was ready, and leaped at her, knocking her down.

She growled and swiped at him.

He dodged, and she was again tackled, this time by the Alpha.

She quickly got up and shook herself, but, for the third time was knocked down, this final time by Rock.

The three male wolves surrounded her, and she frantically swiped at them. 

They managed to corner her into a patch of trees.

“Give up,” warned the Alpha.

“Never!” hissed Myriad, forcefully. 

She smiled slyly as Rock ran towards her. Then she arched her back, and her silver fur actually became silver.

He ran into her and was knocked out by the impact.

She leaped towards Yarrow’s father, but he swiped at her eye, the weak spot of her silver fur, causing a slight scar. This infuriated her even more, and she sprung at him, curled into a ball, and her pure-silver self crashed into him, and he too was knocked out.

Yarrow gave a cry and ran to help them both.

Next, she turned to the Alpha.

Myriad swiped at him again and again.

She craned her head forward and snapped at his neck, but he reared back, and slashed his paw on her shoulder, for at that moment her fur was not solid. Myriad yelped and reared back in pain, but then narrowed her eyes, arched her back, and bolted forward, jaws open.

Her mouth clenched down on his neck, and the rest of her body turned and rammed into his; at that exact moment she loosened her grip on his neck, and he was launched into a tree by the slam.

 He painfully got up and looked her in the eyes.

“You can plainly see I am not easily stopped, I have killed many powerful wolves, and even have powers of my own, now, I say to you: give up, and pledge allegiance to Blaze, the Great and Powerful Alpha, and he will show you mercy,” offered Myriad.

Though he evidently had the disadvantage, the Alpha smiled gloriously.

“I admit you have won this battle, but there is a greater war beyond you, that can’t be stopped, and others will strike time and time again; there is a great pack, soon to be on the move, sent to destroy the evil you and your master cause!

“Though I will not be there physically for the time you will be destroyed, I will know from above what will happen. I must leave my physical body now, but I will go to a much greater place, where my master is, the One True Alpha…

“Yes, I see it now, oh, and how beautiful it is….”

He sighed, contentedly, and then he breathed no more.

“Fools! Fools! You’re all fools!! You should have just given up!!!” cried Myriad, desperately.

 She clenched down on a stick that was lying on the ground and flung it at Yarrow, who had managed to heal most of her father’s and brother’s cuts and bruises.

Yarrow ducked and sprung to the side. 

She dodged several of Myriad’s attacks and shook her brother and father awake.

The three got up triumphantly and faced the daughter of Blaze.

“We are not the fools, Myriad, you are,” declared Yarrow.

Yarrow placed her paws firmly on the ground, plants wrapped around her legs, and her eyes glowed green.

She glared at Myriad, and instantly tons of vines and plants flung their tips at her, whipping her again and again.

She managed to turn her fur into silver again, protecting her from many scars, but they kept on coming, and she was forced back.

A weed went straight towards her snout, but she bit down on it and pulled it out of its roots. Long strands of grass wrapped themselves around her front left leg, and pulled, making her fall.

On the ground, she was facing the direction of where everyone else was fighting and finally saw how the battle was going: her eyes widened, as she saw her pack nearly completely defeated.

“You see? You have already lost. The victory is ours!” exclaimed Yarrow’s father.

Myriad growled and glared at them.

 “This is not the last you’ve seen of me, the wolves of Blaze will return to destroy you!!” she hissed. Myriad then got up, howled, and ran into the night, followed by her remaining wolves.

And that was chapter two of my book!

Speaking of my book… This is the last notification about the snippet series for my book. I still have six people who voted. You all get till Sunday, and if there are not ten votes, bye-bye snippet series! Maybe months later from now I’ll give it another try. 🙂

Present number two! A poem! Ahem…

God, Father, and King

He is God, Father, and King;

To Him, and only to Him, will I truly sing.

His voice makes the thunder cower in fear;

It silences those who taunt and jeer.

Who is greater than He?

The One who can make the strongest of men cease to be?

No one can be;

For He is Great.

He can knock down any gate.

His name conquers kingdoms,

And turns uncountable armies into simple sums.

He cannot be defeated by whip, nail, or knife;

He speaks planets to life!

Who is greater than He?

No one can be;

For He is God, Father, and King.

*sits back, sighs* Ah, that was nice… wait, we’re still live?? Whoops!

Alrighty, now for the final gift! It’s not much, but it’s kinda the candy in the gift pile. 😉

A funny and real view on life!

That moment when you are running on a treadmill in your backyard, and there are people working on your house, and you get to see them use a FLAMETHROWER.

Well, that was all! Your welcome. If none of this is wanted, I have the receipt! Here it i- wait, where is it..? I know I put it somewhere around here… is this it? Ugh, no, that’s just the flamethrower…oh, so that’s where I put that limousine!  Um, I can’t find it so I guess you’re just gonna have to be grateful for what you got!

Oh, but let’s not forget the real reason for Christmas: the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I’m sure it’s been said a lot, but try to really listen this time. God sent His one and only truly perfect son, Jesus. Jesus was born as a real, human baby, lived a real, human, perfect life, and then died a very painful -yet worth it- death. He loves us that much and so much more. And he knows and has experienced, human life.

So, happy, like, fifth thousandth birthday, Jesus!!!

With God’s Help, 

Daniel L. Amador


Holiday Specials

An Analysis of Thankfulness

Grab your atlas, running shoes, (Spanish to English translator,) and a good book! You ready? Let’s go, fam!

My friends, Thanksgiving is upon us yet again. A time to watch football (if you like that kind of game), eat potatoes, ham, turkey, and pie, learn some history, and, most importantly, thank our Heavenly Father for all the gifts He gave to us.

Imagine a world if we did not have a generous Father. I tried, and I just couldn’t do it.

He gave us everything we needed, and beyond! The biosphere, lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere; intelligence, strength, wisdom; friends and family. Everything He, our loving King, gave to us.

Remember that as you are sitting around a table with your family, relatives, and/or friends, making ready to eat a feast (if this situation occurs, though that possibly may not be the case due to that WORLDWIDE pandemic that’s been going around; either way, I know you have something to be thankful for, if not the situation I had said).

Look around. Analyze all the things you could be thankful for. Smile. Laugh. Whatever.

The least we can do in return is be thankful.

Allow me to quote from scripture (specifically, 1 Chronicles 16:34):

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.

I decided to do a little activity.

I timed myself trying to think of ten things I am thankful for (that would come with an explanation or example), in a short time. It took me 32 seconds.

Here is the list of the things I said (not in any particular order):

A clean dog, a tablet, a laptop, a large family, windows, heating vents, carpets, pizza, backpacks, and a good educational program.

To help me contemplate on why exactly I am thankful for these things.

  1. A clean dog. As many of you dog-owners may know, dogs don’t particularly always smell good… and our dog normally doesn’t smell good at all. But, thankfully, we just got him washed Wednesday, the 25th!! So now he is clean, and smells very good too!
  2. A tablet. A couple years ago I was given an Amazon Fire tablet for Christmas, by a person(s) who will remain anonymous. It has been SO convenient for research for school and for communication with friends. I am very grateful for it!
  3. A laptop. I have two older highschool-student siblings, and a younger middle school-student sibling. A time ago (possibly a year… I can’t exactly remember) all four of us used the same old, slow, computer. That was a homework nightmare. Thankfully, my older sister (the oldest of the named four) got a laptop then, which lightened the burden of sharing on all of us a bit. Then, this year, a person(s) who will remain anonymous gave me and my younger bro a laptop (even if it is old, and constantly needs to be plugged in or it will die after around a minute)! Plus, my older bro’s school gave him a laptop of his own to use… so no more device-fighting nightmares here any more!!
  4. A large family. I have been told having 7 siblings and 26-27 cousins is a large family, so I guess I might just have to agree… maybe (I have met a lot of large families). I am really proud of having a large family; it is rarely quiet in this house (Iam still debating with myself whether that is a good thing or bad thing… hehe)!
  5. Windows. We’re only half way through?? *sigh* Alright. Well then… I am thankful for windows because windows are thankfulness-worthy (I’m getting a bit lazy with my explanations and examples).
  6. Heating vents. Now, I live in a very old house. Around 150 years old. Living in an old house, it does not have all the modern qualities, and that includes vents, so it gets pretty hot in the Summer and cold in the Winter. For the Winter, we would have those old steam radiators. Thankfully, we know people. This one guy in particular who owned a repair type of shop. He and his family were extremely generous to us, and I am so thankful for them. They offered to put vents in our house; with little to no pay! *shakes head* It’s incredible how generous God can help people get.
  7. Carpets. Who doesn’t like carpets? I sure like ‘em, them handy lil’ things, yes indeedy!
  8. Pizza. If anyone walked up to me and said, “I don’t like pizza.” I’d, I’d, well, I don’t know what I’d do! Pizza is the best food of all, especially Chicago style deep dish pizza… mmmm… *made himself want pizza*
  9. Backpacks. Backpacks are convenient. Very convenient. So convenient that I would actually use them!!
  10. A good educational program. As you all probably already know, I love pizza. But besides that, I am also homeschooled, but also go to a co-op (a school for homeschoolers, that typically meets up 1-2 times a week). I’d consider my educational system to be very good, and very challenging. God truly has blessed me with this. And though I don’t consider myself smart, I do consider myself above average in some things and well educated!!

That’s all that I am putting in for this post, folks! But the list of things I am thankful for goes on and on! Indeed, I said it once but I’ll say it again, even if I and many others are going through some hard things right now, God has truly blessed me, and blessed you!

I encourage you to do this activity as well, and, if you want, you may put your list of things, along with the time it took you (you don’t have to add the explanations and examples if you don’t want to) to think of them, in the comments! I love to hear from my readers!

With God’s help,

Daniel L. Amador