Spotify Anniversary

Ah, I’m so sorry this is a day and many hours late! 🤦 There was a lot of work to put into to make this post happen, as will be explained later. Well let’s not waste another moment, and hip hop in!

Yep. Sunday was my 1st Spotify anniversary—I have had a Spotify account since December 5th. It’s been awesome, having access to awesome music. Music is AMAZING. To celebrate, I shall list my top 15 favorite artists. I calculated this by documenting every. Single. One. Of my 562 Liked Songs on Spotify. It took a long while, let me tell you. I wrote down every artist there and the number of songs they have, as well as the names of their songs, and I organized them by number of Liked songs. If there was a tie in the top, the artist that had a higher quantity of songs that I like even more would have the higher rank. It’s as I said earlier, it took a long while.

Genres will be taken from Wikipedia, and will only be provided fo the top 5 (because it’s too much work for me to do all of them, hehe).

Top Five

  1. NF—Yeah, I’ve had several different attempts to calculate my favorite artists, and though it’s varied, NF has always been on top. 😅 Genre: rap, hip hop.
  2. TobyMac—He has a lot of songs and most of them are definitely worthy of a Spotify Like. I assumed earlier that this artist would have this rank. Genre: Christian hip hop, rap, rock.
  3. Lecrae—I was actually kinda surprised by this. Until I realized just how many songs he has made. He’s been cranking out a whole lot of music almost every year since 2006, and so there are bound to be a some songs I Like. 😆 Genre: rap, hip hop.
  4. Twenty One Pilots—Let me tell you, as I was documenting each Liked song, TOP remained at second place for a good long while! They make amazing music. Genre: Kinda difficult to say. . . as you hear from their song Lane Boy, they don’t stay within one genre but go wherever they want to. I’ll just go with what Wikipedia says: Alternative hip hop, electropop, indie pop, pop rock, rap, rock, alternative rock.
  5. KB—For some reason I kinda thought that KB would be second, and didn’t realize how much lower than the top four it he was, but he is still top five, which is, yeah. His music is awesome. Genre: Christian rap, hip hop, pop.

Top 15 (starting after #5)

6. Surfaces—Classic! The duo makes such good music, and it’s not even rap or hip hop! 😛

7. Hulvey—You made it Hulvey!! I was thinking you didn’t have enough songs to be up in the top ten, but you do! You made it higher than David. Wow. Seriously, Hulvey’s music is great.

8. David Dunn—He’d better be in my top 10! This man does not get enough credit on Spotify. He has amazing music.

9. Andy Mineo—Andy, really? I honestly did not think he’d be in the top 10—maybe in the top 15. But I guess I Liked him a lot. *shrugs*

10. Hollyn—Hey, she made it up here too! Good for you, Hollyn. Honestly, her new album Holy Rebellion isn’t that amazing in my opinion, but in a final act, it’s Bird’s Eye View from that album that got her 10th instead of WHATUPRG.

11. WHATUPRG—I never really knew whether he should be in the top 10 or 15, but I guess Spotify ranked him for me, and I have to admit, 11th is a pretty good rank for him.

12. PEABOD—I only recently started listening to him, and he’s really good! It’s funny, because he does rap and hip hop but it’s like nerdy-happy-kiddy rap/hip hop, kinda, heehee.

13. Skillet—I rediscovered them when I got Spotify, from when my sisters would listen to their music way back in the day. They actually have really good music.

14. Trip Lee—When I first got Spotify and discovered all these Christian rappers I listened to Trip Lee a lot, and I still listen to him, but not as much anymore. His music is still good! And still Liked as well. 😎 (Only three “still”s, that’s still allowed, right? Well now four.)

15. Jorge Quintero—Now, I’m not really a huge instrumental-music guy, but I Liked a lot of his songs, so I guess he made it way up to 15th place!

Weeeell, that’s all I have today because I have US History homework to do. 🤓 😭

*Ahem* Anyway, I hope you enjoy music too, because if you didn’t, um, that’d be super sad. Have a good night/evening/morning/afternoon!

With God’s help,

Daniel L. Amador



Clouds (The Mixtape) - Wikipedia

It’s finally here! The review on NF’s CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE) I promised so long ago! It’s one of my longest posts, and it took a while to do, but I had a lot of fun. It was difficult to actually accurately rate them, and the ratings (1 star – 5 star) may not be entirely synonymous with my thoughts, but I tried. 😛

For this review, I’m going to use the Goodreads rating system:

5 stars: it was amazing

4 stars: I really liked it

3 stars: I liked it

2. It was okay

1. I did not like it

Alright, let’s get started!

Spotify link to CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE): Click here.


The song’s message & stats: CLOUDS was released as the second of three singles to promote the coming eleven-song mixtape. The main theme of it is that his head is in the clouds. He’s mentioned being in the clouds in several other songs, which include Just Being Me, Turn the Music Up, and Outcast. He raps a lot about how he’s not the average “Hollywood” rapper. He says he’s not chauvinistic, he doesn’t hang around phonies, drink codeine or the like, and isn’t really about trophies or being rich. He also raps a lot about how he’s done what others thought he could never do, and how he’s ‘shaken the whole [music] industry’. It’s comprised of an intro, a bridge after the 6th verse, and 7 verses of straight-rap. One of the four of the mixtape with a music video.

My thoughts: The song has a movie-like style (as do most of the songs in the mixtape). That along with the. . . odd flow and higher and wilder tone of NF’s voice really got me interested in the song when I first heard it. The flow and tone were different from NF’s usual style—CLOUDS’ release painted the style for the rest of the mixtape. If NF continues to use this style, I’ll definitely miss the old flow and tone (though all I have to do is listen to one of his older records ;)), but I’m excited for what’s coming next in his fifth record. Both NF and his music are experiencing exciting changes, but NF has continued his integrity and ethics.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


The song’s message & stats: THAT’S A JOKE is a lot about how people continually doubted (and still doubt) NF’s skill, but he always proves himself. How he is constantly getting better, and is well-suited and prepared for the intensity and danger of the music industry.

My thoughts: This is a decent song. I like it. But it seems to have less of a, let’s say. . . solid meaning to it, and it just seems like a joy-rap (like, joy-ride but joy-rap) for NF, especially since a lot of it is delivered incredibly fast. When talking to a friend, he/she pointed out that the theme of the song was ‘redundant’. I thought about that, and tend to agree. It also seems like an overused NF theme. A lot of his songs are about how deep he is in his other songs and how skilled and unstoppable he is.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.


The song’s message & stats: From what I take of Spotify stats, JUST LIKE YOU is either the most popular song on the mixtape, or the second (CLOUDS would be theo ne to fill the spot JUST LIKE YOU doesn’t take). No surprise. The song’s main idea is this: Millions of us are going through very similar things as you, so don’t feel alone. We all fail and make mistakes, so when those things happen to you, know that it’s okay; we all go through it too. Don’t let the feeling of failure overtake you.

My thoughts: Wow, just writing the above makes my eyes feel hot and watery. The moment I listened to this masterpiece, I thought something like, “well now I know what my favorite song in this mixtape is”. It’s just so beautiful, and the message is so true and really good. Listen to it.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


The song’s message & stats: This song is different from any other NF song, in the way that it is practically a movie but in song form, and really short (4 minutes and 39 seconds, the longest song of the mixtape). Hence, the name “story”. It’s about a woman named Erin who goes to a grocery store really early and– well, I’ll let the song explain it to you. I don’t want to give away any spoilers. 😉  Also, the song makes more more sense with the music video. Whether it’s a fictitious or factual story, I have no idea, and neither do most people, I think.

My thoughts: After I finished listening to the song for the first time, I kind of stared in shock for a few moments. It is intense, and I’m not even talking about camping (please tell me if you get that). Not to mention it’s like no other NF song, as I said above. I think it’s a pretty good song. Though, it’s a story, so I think I will treat it as such. In other words, it isn’t really the song to casually listen to. Another thought from the same friend I mentioned earlier is that this song points out that we don’t realize how much could change in just a few seconds. I believe that’s true, and it can be a reminder to cherish our moments and even the little things.

Content warnings (includes ones from the music video): Mention of drugs; blood, violence.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


The song’s message & stats: This song NF wrote to someone specific. The lyrics of the song say that this person was someone who NF used to trust and be very close to, but they betrayed him in some way, and became prideful and jealous, therefore hurting and breaking his trust and their relationship. The identity of the other person is unknown. It could be a relative, former friend, ex girlfriend, ex coworker, or someone else. It has a simple structure: an intro, a verse, a chorus, another verse, the chorus repeated, and an outro, along with melodies.

My thoughts: I like it. It’s not INCREDIBLE, but it’s really good. This is a song anyone can easily sing/rap too. It’s not super speedy, but not that slow. I think that’s convenient because it’s a song that a lot of people could relate to. It’s a good.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


The song’s message & stats: Apparently this song had been long anticipated by listeners (I myself have neither Twitter nor Instagram so I wouldn’t have known). NF collabed with Hospin for this song. NF said that it was supposed to be released earlier, but he got busy rescheduling The Search tours and concerts, and then performing them and stuff. This song also has a music video. My least favorite of the four, but it’s still cool. Both NF and Hospin teased the release of LOST a few times. As for the meaning of the song, NF and Hospin rap about being mentally lost.

NF verse meaning— He raps about what it means to be ‘lost’, and what a lot of people do when they’re lost. He raps about himself being lost, and what it’s like in his mind.

Hospin verse meaning— Hospin raps about how there are a lot of people who are after him and broken his trust, and he also explains some of his mental struggles.

My thoughts: I think this is one of NF’s most deepest songs in mixtape. One reason it’s one of the most popular in the mixtape, I think. It also features another deep rapper. A second reason why it’s more popular. A third reason is that it’s very relatable. Likely everyone in the world has gone through/is going through a feeling of being lost. Personally, I really like it. It’s not one of my favorites, but I do love listening to it.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


The song’s message & stats: The shortest song in the mixtape, it’s more about himself, in a way, and is mostly about how NF has layers. -So basically he’s an onion. Just kidding, hehe. If you get that reference, tell me! Which ties back into the whole idea of the slogan “real music”, if that makes sense. By that I mean that he doesn’t just rap about, like, typical things such as money or fame, but he goes deep, and raps about different sorts of tough topics. Some character traits he mentions himself having (not all directly) are ambition, drive, soul, heart, rapping skill, religious beliefs, a mental cloud, and confusion. It’s a fairly unique song in that it is simply divided into 2 parts, with just a pause for music in between (you’ll see what I mean). The beginning of the song starts with a few sorrowful piano notes.

My thoughts: Definitely one of my favorites (but aren’t most of them?). It used to be one of those ‘decent NF songs’ but lately it’s grown on me. Every unique trait of it is awesome—the sorrowful beginning, the increased rapping speed near the end of part I, the tie between part I and II, the idea of a part I and II. . . There was one line that stood out to me that I liked: “This [is] a lil’ somethin’ to hold ‘em over for what’s next”. From what I understand, that means that the mixtape is just a snippet of music to keep us “occupied”, for lack of a better word, until he releases his next record, which will be soon, as he hasn’t released a record in a while. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited for his coming album!

Rating: 4 out of 5.


The song’s message & stats: This song is shaped in a regular manner, beginning with the chorus, a verse, the chorus again, a second verse, the chorus a third time, and an outro. But, similar to LAYER’s divide between part I and II, DRIFTING has a divide between the chorus and the outro composed of a simple piano solo. DRIFTING is mostly about NF’s struggles with strongly disliking himself, feeling insignificant, and how he’s just drifting. . . stuck in the same rut, not ever coming ashore, to a real conclusion or mental breakthrough. The outro brings a more hopeful message. He’s crying to God to pull him out of rut, and asking God to show him that he really is special, significant, and loved. This is similar to the mournful type of song you find prevalent in The Search.

My thoughts:

This is a song a lot of people can relate to. Feeling lack of self-love, like they’re stuck in a rut, or like they’re just drifting. . . lost. I know I’ve felt some of these things. I know people who have felt these things. I do like how his lyrics turn back to God for the last part of the song.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


The song’s message & stats: TRUST is NF’s fastest song. By that I mean he’s rapped faster in that song than in any other one of his songs. TRUST, which features rapper Tech N9ne begins with a melancholic violin solo. Then NF raps one very wordy but speedy verse, and sings (or, rather, shouts) the chorus. Next Tech N9ne also raps a very wordy but speedy verse, and NF finishes by ‘singing’ the chorus doubled. TRUST consists of almost exactly 1,200 words, which is pretty long, but it’s delivered in only 4 minutes and 24 seconds. From what I read, the average amount of words in a song is 100-300 and the average length of a song is 3 minutes and 30 seconds, so TRUST is pretty impressive.

It’s hard to tell what the meaning behind the song is. From what I observed by reading the lyrics and listening to the song, more effort was put into making the flow and delivery easier than writing deep and meaningful words. The only thing part of the song that seems to relate to the theme of trust is the chorus, which is kind of weak. Read or listen to it and you’ll know what I mean. It seems to be mostly about NF’s and Tech N9ne’s lives as artists, and their uniqueness and honesty.

My thoughts: Pluses for the speed, and minuses for the weaker theme. I really like the flow and tune of Tech N9ne’s verse. That’s about all I have to say.

Rating: 3 out of 5.


The song’s message & stats: PAID MY DUES was the first CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE) song released. It was released as a single in 2019, only around 5 months after The Search. In PAID MY DUES, NF raps about how so many more critics and haters than he had before appeared after he released The Search. Also about how he’s ‘paid my[his] dues’, and ‘made it through’, and will continue to stay making real music and being honest. One line I thought quite interesting in reference to critics pointing out his bad side is this: ‘They rigged the lights so y’all can see / The parts of mine that aren’t so bright’.

My thoughts: I think it’s a pretty good song. It has a similar theme to THAT’S A JOKE, but it’s a bit stronger and deeper, I think. The music video for it is really cool.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

11. CLOUDS – Edit

The song’s message & stats: This is a repeat of the song CLOUDS that’s entirely the same except for the beginning: this one doesn’t have the whole long build up but CLOUDS does.

My thoughts: I like CLOUDS better than CLOUDS – Edit, but the pro of CLOUDS – Edit is that it has lowercase letters!!!

[I don’t think it needs a rating.]

My overall thoughts on the mixtape as a whole

I like the mixtape a lot! I don’t think I like it more than Therapy Session or Perception; there are many more songs in The Search than in CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE), so I can’t rightfully compare the two; and I think I like the mixtape more than Mansion.

I like the fact that he’s getting better at rapping faster, and I’m enthralled with the changes he’s made to his style. I like the themes of several of the songs, as well. Finally, I think the cover is awesome.

Two things that I find annoying about CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE) are. . .

1. The all-caps titles! They are just very annoying and I hope NF doesn’t stick with them. I MEAN, WHO USES ALL-CAPS THESE DAYS? I DEFINITELY DON’T.

2. The repetitions among the songs. There were several repetitions. First, the beginnings. Almost all of the songs start with a piano or violin solo, some odd vocal, or some other similar drawn out intro. JUST LIKE YOU is the only one that immediately begins with singing. To be honest, it’s getting pretty annoying. Or maybe that’s just me and I should mingle them up more with NF’s other songs and not play each mixtape song in a row. *shrugs*

Well, that’s all I have to say about CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE)! Whether you’re an NF fan or not, I hope you find at least one of his new songs enjoyable, if not all. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

With God’s help,

Daniel L. Amador

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I’m Getting Back Into Writing + a Poll

Good morning -or noon, or evening, or whenever you’re reading this- everyone! Today there’s something I’d like to tell you all:

We’re getting there. . .

Just a little further. . .

Alright, just three more for the fun of it. . .

I’m getting back into writing!!! I think a little explanation is needed. So, I’ve already informed you that I was taking two advanced classes, along with my regular other subjects. Because of that, I have hardly written anything this month, and not that much last month or even throughout all of 2021. For that reason, I haven’t written any posts on writing-centered advice, tips or suggestions. But this Friday I finished middle school for good (that means that I’m a freshman now and I’m not really sure what I’m going to do for high school, though that can wait)! Oh, and on another note, I completed my Advanced Placement Human Geography Exam on Friday so that’s relieving, and I’ll get results in July.

Anyway, now that summer vacation is here, I hope to do a lot more writing other than blog posts, and I hope I’ll be able to crank out some good writing-advice posts. Thanks for reading!

Now, you’re probably seeing this and wondering, “wait, what about the poll?” Well I’m glad you asked! This involves a future post.

Near the beginning of this year, two artists that I listen to and enjoy released an album. Christopher, by Hulvey, and CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE), by NF. Both artists are Christian, though Hulvey is a Christian Artist. Both albums have Christian messages, but Hulvey’s is officially Christian. Both are pretty good, but NF’s is much better quality (and to be honest I like it more). I really want to do a review for my blog of one of them, but. . . which one?? Christopher, or CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE)?

Since it would be for all of you, which one do you want a review on?

With God’s help,

Daniel L. Amador


Top 20 Favorite Christian Songs

Grab your atlas, running shoes, (Spanish to English translator,) and a good book! You ready? Let’s go, fam!

Hello all!

I thought it would be fun to share with y’all my top twenty favorite and very motivational Christian songs! Some of them have really helped me, while others are just enjoyable to listen to.

Let’s start with my…

Top Five (not in order)

  1. Not Today, Satan, by KB, featuring Andy Mineo. Man, that rap is powerful! As the name of it says, it is the “’no’ to the devil” type of song. Not to mention it’s as catchy as… as… as something super catchy! *comes on on Spotify as he writes this* Oh man, here it comes… “Ha! Not today Satan!”
  2. Light Shine Bright, by TobyMac, featuring Hollyn. This comes right after Not Today, Satan on the catchy-scale. This song is about keeping your spiritual light (your belief in Jesus) bright at all times. Any song by TobyMac featuring Hollyn has to be awesome.
  3. Alone, by Hollyn, featuring Tru. Any song by Hollyn featuring a rapper has to be good. It just isn’t a song by Hollyn featuring a rapper any other way. This is about asking God to not leave us alone. And, of course, he never will. Even if you’re hiding under a wood row boat buried under three feet of ash in a burned prairie in northern France during a World War. And, if you’re ever in that situation, I know you might feel alone, but you’re not.
  4. Steady Me, by Hollyn, featuring Aaron Cole. It’s a slowish, calmness-evoking song asking God to steady us during hard times. And, folks, we really need God to steady us. We’re jumping into darn 2021, what’d you expect??
  5. Wannabe, by Royal Tailor, not featuring anybody (surprising for one of my top fav songs, isn’t it?). Royal Tailor was an awesome band with awesome music, and I’m sad that they broke up, but at least their music is still available, ‘cause it. Is. Increíble! Their music is so, so, good. This song is about not listening to what society is saying about having more, more, more, but staying to what’s True.

Now for the other…

Next Top 15 (not entirely/necessarily in order)

  1.  Breathe, by Jonny Diaz. This one hits hard. Imagine your rushing across a street and a truck with the words “Breathe, by Jonny Diaz” crashes into you. This song is telling one to stop and breathe in the middle of all the stress and chaos.
  2. Backseat Driver, by TobyMac, featuring Hollyn and Tru. This song is a very good and catchy song. It’s asking Jesus to take the wheel. Listen to it, friends!
  3.   Favorite Song, by TobyMac featuring Jamie Grace. This one’s a classic, well, for me. “Like a lyric to my favorite song You stick with me all day long And when I’ve reached the end I wanna hear it again” are four lines from it. God’s words should be like lyrics to our favorite songs, always sticking with us.
  4. No Shame, by Tenth Avenue North featuring The Young Escape. Man, this song. So true. People, we live in a society of stereotypes and social lies. “Are you hanging out with them?? Their geeks!” “If you wear that you’ll be a loser.” “Ugh, are you a Christian??” Peer pressure is so powerful. But when you truly live with Christ, you have the ability to live with no shame. A line from the song: “I can look like a fool and enjoy it. I can cry like a man and own it.” We have an identity as Christians; believers. Don’t let society run you over.
  5. Best Friends, by Hillsong Young & Free. This song is likewise about the pressures of society. It’s an amazing song. Here is an excerpt from it: “I don’t wanna be on my phone but I can’t be alone. Welcome to the modern age. I’m trying to be somebody I’m not but it’s not what I want. Tell me there’s another way.” These words are so sadly accurate! Life is hard right now, guys. Society is at an advantage here with this pandemic. Keeping us on our devices, then feeding us lies. But we can do better. We have the Creator on our side. Keep that in mind, when battling society.
  6. The Devil is a Liar, by Colton Dixon. Another one about society’s lies, because, you guys, society lies. The devil lies. “I get caught up in trying to be something I’m not to please everyone else.” A sad line, though so true. But, remember, “The devil is a liar. Says he can get you everything that you desire. Everything you want, but you’ll be playing with the fire, so don’t believe the lie, it comes at a price.” Don’t. Believe. The. Lie!
  7.  Tell the World, by Lecrae, featuring Mali Music. I love this song! So motivating! “Tell the world, tell her, yeah I’m a billboard. Tell the world, tell the world, cast it like the radio. Tell the world, you wanna know, I’m brand new!” Tell the world, all you followers. Tell her.
  8. My Lighthouse, by Rend Collective. A true, personal classic! It’s not that fast pace, but it’s good! So strong. God is our Lighthouse. His great love will lead us through. Turn to him, and he will lead you!
  9. Good Morning, by Mandisa, featuring TobyMac. Whoo hoo, this song is amazing! If I’m in a good mood, it makes me want to just move around (with no shame!)! Seriously, listening to this song when you wake up can do wonders. Oh man, it just sends shivers down my spine! I love it. Even when I’m in a bad mood, this song is so good!
  10. Be Kind To Yourself, by Andrew Petterson. Wow. This… it’s slow, but so powerful. It gets me thinking every time. Petterson wrote it for his daughter when she was in her early teens, and had a very low self esteem. “Be kind to yourself,” it sings. Low self esteem is so powerful, especially these days, and, gotta be honest, I’m definitely guilty of it. This song is a huge encouragement, though.
  11. Speak Life, by TobyMac. Speak life, my friends. Don’t push people down with discouragement, bring them up with truth. Speak life, brothers and sisters.
  12. Love With Your Life, by Hollyn. Of course it’s an awesome song! Who do you think wrote it?? Love with your life. Love like God wants us to love. Agape; love for everyone. This song is no lie; this song is amazing, and so true. God wants us to show true, Christian love with everyone, and I mean everyone. Even your enemies. Love with your life.
  13. Gotta Live, by Tedashii, featuring Jordan Feliz. This song sends shivers through my body! Oh yeah, I love it. This song is incredibly catchy. You just gotta live. You can make it through, peeps, if you stay close to the Truth!
  14. Born Again, by Austin French. You can be born again in Christ. God gives you love, mercy, compassion, grace, kindness, friendship, and the list goes on! There’s nothing that can describe how much God loves you! So turn to Him; be born again.
  15. The River, by Jordan Feliz. He really is an awesome artist. Go down to the river; get washed in the water with His amazing grace! Ride the current of the Holy river; ride beside our Daddy, Jesus!

Wait-wait-wait, we’re done already?? Nooo!!! Too soon! Guys, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed writing this for you all. So fun, so full of joy. I just gotta recommend one more thing: the rest of the album Black and White by Royal Tailor! These have some of my favorite songs ever!! Oh, and Love by We are Messengers, and Church Clap by KB, featuring Lecrae!

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading!!

With God’s help,

Daniel L. Amador